Wicked Wednesday: Control

I think my mundane life is spiraling wild, out of control,
It’s dragging me headfirst into a dark and deadly hole.
I cannot stop my descent and I fear that I may die,
Before you’re there to save me, wipe the tear from my wet eye.

You’ve always been my anchor, kept me on the straight and true,
(Well, there have been some deviations that I’ve made it through).
But now the cord has separated, I’m adrift and lost,
I want to get control back, but I fear how high the cost.

It used to be that when I lost control was during sex,
When unrestrained I’d give all with no causes or effects.
And after we had climaxed and our souls were full and sated,
Back in control again I’d be, so happy and elated.

But now I have this emptiness that’s tearing me apart,
I need to finds some order and to find a healthy start.
For if I don’t manage to find a sliver of control,
I fear that I will lose not just my life but too my soul.

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2 responses to “Wicked Wednesday: Control

  1. I hope you are okay, Sammi. There seems to be a lot of sadness in your words… take care!

    Rebel xox