Wicked Wednesday: Last Tree

If I were the last tree standing…alone…would you cut me and let me fall? Would you leave me to join with the forest floor… becoming one with the earth as I desired? Or would you carry me home…carve me into something different…sand my rough edges…and polish me into something beautiful and useful for you to enjoy?


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TMI Tuesday: Can We Talk…Relationships?

By Faisal Akram from Dhaka, Bangladesh (To The Sea We Went) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Faisal Akram from Dhaka, Bangladesh (To The Sea We Went) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you see an attractive person?
Sometimes I wonder what they’re like, and if they’d be a good person to be friends with.

2. What is your idea of a dream date? Describe the person and the type of date experience.
Hmmm…well, they’d be male, good-looking and easy to talk to. I think a great date would be a stroll along the beach, hand-in-hand, followed by a swim, and then maybe a barbecue on the beach with a few drinks…and who knows what else?

3. How many serious relationships have you had? Were you in love?
I’ve had a few.  In some I’ve been in love, and in some not.

4. How many casual sexual relationships have you had?
I’ve had a few of this kind too.

5. What will ruin a relationship for you?
There’s a lot of things that can ruin a relationship – I don’t think there’s one that really tops the list for me though.

Bonus: What is your definition of sexy? Sexy is a combination of looks, brains, and attitude. A person can be the hottest looking on the planet, but if they’ve got a bad attitude, are insecure, or have rocks for brains, they’re definitely not sexy.

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I Love To Cuddle

I’ve had a few OhMiBod vibrators, all of which worked with my iPod and were enjoyable to use. Now they have a line called Lovelife, which don’t use music but do have pretty designs, and they look like fun. GoodVibes recently sent me one of the new Lovelife vibrators, the Cuddle G-Spot, for free in exchange for this review.

ohboxThe Cuddle G-Spot vibrator comes nicely packaged. It has a slipcase in pink, and a cutout the size of the vibrator inside on the front of the box, through which the pink and white interlocking-heart-patterned box shows. It looks a bit strange, and reminds me of a pantyliner, which would actually make the box somewhat discreet if the back didn’t have a picture of the vibe. ohinboxThe slipcover sides have some information about the toy. The box itself is a pink and white design, and is pretty sturdy – ideal for storing the Cuddle when it’s not in use. Inside the box are the vibrator, a white satin storage bag, a USB charging cable, and an instruction manual in several languages, which includes information on the one year warranty. This vibrator only comes in pink and white, like the rest of the products in the line.  The color is nice and not too light.

ohoutofboxThis G-spot vibrator is about 6 1/2” long overall, with 4 1/2” insertable. The insertable portion is silicone, and it’s slick to the touch with very little give – what give it has is around the tip; the shaft is firm, and the toy isn’t flexible.  The head is the widest point of the Cuddle, at about 1 1/4”, and the shaft narrows as it gets closer to the base.  The shaft has a gentle curve, allowing for G-spot stimulation.

The Cuddle is rechargeable, and its charging port is located on the bottom of the white ABS plastic base. The jacked end of the charging cable is easy to insert, and the other end can be inserted into a computer’s USB port or a wall adapter. The Cuddle takes about 2 1/2 hours to fully charge, and will run for approximately 2 hours on the strongest setting (longer on lower settings). The white LED light around the control buttons will flash while the toy is charging, and will glow steady when charging is complete. It has a standby time of about 90 days, so you can charge it up and it will be ready to go when you are.

ohbasebuttonsThe control panel is located on the front of the base. Three buttons are located inside the heart-shaped control panel: a +, a -, and a ~. Holding the ~ button for three seconds turns the Cuddle on or off, and pressing it briefly during use changes the vibration and pulsation. The + and – control the strength of the seven vibrations or patterns, and there are six different levels for each. The vibrations are moderately strong, and concentrated mostly in the tip, so you can use this for clit stimulation as well. They’re pretty quiet, too, especially when the Cuddle is inserted.

The Cuddle is splashproof but not waterproof, so you won’t be able to use this in the shower or bath. It’s easy to clean with water and antibacterial soap (don’t submerge it or get water in the charging port, and just wipe the base if necessary), toy cleaner, or toy wipes. Once it’s dried thorougly, it can be stored in its satin bag or in its box, along with its charging cord.

ohinhandSo, Did It Work? I love the Cuddle. The curve and size work well for me, and it’s easy to hit my G-Spot. The vibrations are not strong enough for me to get off if I use this on my clit, but internally they’re enough. I also like that the patterns can be changed in intensity – usually these patterns are only one strength, but with the cuddle, I can set them as strong or as weak as I’d like. The charge time and run time are decent, and I like that it charges via USB. The only thing I’d change with the Cuddle would be to make this waterproof – I’d love to be able to take this with me in the tub.

Thank you to GoodVibes for sending me the Lovelife Cuddle G-Spot Vibrator for free to review! If you’d like to try the Cuddle, or the Lovelife line, you can pick one up at GoodVibes.com.

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Wicked Wednesday: Masturbation Fodder

Do you like what you see? I often wonder if you find pleasure in my pictures late at night….when you’re alone….and you pull my pictures up on the screen….


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TMI Tuesday: Party Fears

By FLalkf20 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By FLalkf20 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Good News: You’ve been invited to party!?Bad News: You have certain concerns…

1) Arrival. Are you afraid (a) that you can’t find the address, (b) that you will be early, (c) that you will be late, (d) other?
Usually my worst fear is (b). I am usually pretty good with directions and addresses (this comes from years of garage-saling and planning routes), and I’m rarely late. But, I have been known to try to hard to be on time and get places just a bit too early.

2) Clothing. Are you afraid (a) you will be underdressed, (b) overdressed, (c) dressed for the wrong activity, (d) don’t have items that you need, e.g. swimsuit, (3) other?
I’m probably more afraid of (b), that I will be overdressed. But, usually I can adapt what I have on if necessary so I’m not as overdressed as I could be. I don’t worry about bringing a swimsuit – if I think there’s a possibility of swimming, i can tuck one into my purse…although some of the home hot tub parties I’ve been to have been swimsuit optional…

3) Drinks. Are you afraid that (a) you will drink too much, (b) that you will drink too little, (c) other people will drink too much, (d) there won’t be anything good that’s non-alcoholic, (e) other?
I rarely drink too much, sometimes too little, but I’ll go with (e). My biggest worry is that there won’t be anything good that’s alcoholic to drink.

4) Food. Are you afraid that (a) the food will be too new-fangled and trendy, (b) the food will be conventional and boring, (c) there won’t be anything you want to eat, (d) there won’t be any food and you are hungry, (e) other?
Hmmm….probably (c). I’m all for trying new-fangled foods, and even conventional foods are fine, but sometimes the fare is substantially lacking and nothing I want to eat.

5) Music. Are you afraid that (a) the music will be too loud, (b) there won’t be music or you won’t be able to hear it, (c) the music will be of a new genre you don’t like or can’t understand, (d) the music will be boring oldies, (e) other?
Can music really be too loud? My answer here is (c) – if the music is country or rap, I’ll be wishing I brought the headphones for my phone.

6) Later. Are you afraid that (a) the party will end too soon and it won’t have been worth the trouble, (b) the party will go on too long, (c) other?
It really depends, but I suppose I’ll pick (a). I love a good party, and they’re not as fun if they’re way too short.

7. Afterward. Are you afraid that (a) you will end up in bed with the wrong person and the sex will be bad, (b) the you will end up in bed with the wrong person and the sex will be great, (c) that you will end up in bed with the right person and there won’t be any sex, (d) that you will end up in bed with the right person who wants sex but you are too tired, (e) other?
Hmmm….I’ll go with (e). I’m not really afraid of any of those things.

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