Wicked Wednesday: Unexpected

By BEDownes (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

By BEDownes (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

I dislike the unexpected, sometimes…bad news…the late night call telling of death…feelings of unbearable loss and pain….

Other times, i love the unexpected…a surprise gift of flowers…an encounter….the flush of love….the first time squirting…

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TMI Tuesday: Down Right Sexy!

Édouard-Henri Avril [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Édouard-Henri Avril [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Have you ever had sex in three or more positions in one session? Name the positions.
Well, yes. Usually, in fact. Our typical positions are missionary, standing from behind, and doggie, although sometimes I like to be on top.

2. Have you ever had sex continuously for more than an hour? Was it all intercourse or other methods of sexual pleasure?
Yes again. While quickies can be fun, I like having long, slower sessions. It’s not all intercourse, but includes a lot of foreplay, and afterplay, which often leads to more intercourse.

3. Have you ever planned and devoted an entire day to sex and sexual activity (with breaks for eating, etc)?
I’ve done this before, although not nearly often enough. It definitely makes for a good day.

4. Have you ever been so loud having sex that housemates/neighbors commented or complained?
On too many occasions to count. I’ve learned that in the summer I need to keep the windows closed – someone once told me that they thought someone was being murdered right down the street – thankfully they didn’t realize what they were really listening to.

5. Have you ever had your sexual technique/style/skill openly praised by someone?
My oral skills, yes.

6. Have you ever gotten really turned on by saying or hearing dirty talk?
Dirty talk can be a real turn-on. I love to be talked dirty to, and I’m pretty good at talking that way as well.

Bonus: What word or words said during sex totally turn you off or distract you from the task at hand?
None really, at least that are said by either of us.

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Wicked Wednesday: Birthdays

bdayballoonsHappy birthday, Marie!

Kodomono toki (or, when I was a child),  I loved having my birthday. One of the earliest birthdays I remember was when I was 5, and i got Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls (and an Ann dress to match). I never really had a party – just once that I remember, when I was in kindergarten, and it was just a few people – but I loved getting presents and having cake.  Plus, it meant that Christmas was only a few days away.

I remember some great birthdays along the way: the year I turned 19 (that was the drinking age at the time, and I went out at midnight to get the free drinks)…the year I turned 21 (because the drinking age changed and I had to become of age again, so out at midnight I went)…the year my husband gave me an hour or oral sex (and that was one of the best presents ever)…

I remember some sad birthdays too…

Now I look at my birthday as a way to mark getting older…although according to my cake’s candles, I am actually getting younger every year….sometimes I feel that way…..and I love celebrating the birthdays of those I love, with them.

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Nox in the Land of Hypnos

Earlier this week, I reviewed the new Loveo Ione, a massager-style vibrator from Loveo Co.  I also had the opportunity to try out the Loveo Nox, a vibrator with voice control, which Loveo Co sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

loveopurpleboxLike the Ione, the Nox comes in a black box inside a slip-cover – purple, in this case, which is the color of the Nox. The slip-cover has a drawing of the vibrator on one side and some product information on the other.  The box lid lifts off, and the Nox rests inside the box on a foam insert. Also in the box are a USB charging cable, a wall adapter, a small instruction booklet, and a black storage bag.

loveopurplewhatsintheboxThe Nox has a sleek shape and is about 8 1/2″ long overall, with 5 1/2″ insertable. It has a gently curved shaft which is wider at the head, (it’s about 1 1/2″ in diameter at its widest point) and the base is easy to hold during use. It’s made of silicone and comes in purple. The surface is firm with no give and the silicone is seamless, with just a slight drag to the surface. The buttons and surrounding area are done in silver-plated ABS plastic.

loveopurplechargeThis is a rechargeable vibrator with a Li-ion battery. The battery, when charged fully, will run the Nox for about 3 hours. The charging port is on the back of the base, and the jack inserts easily.  The Nox can then be plugged into the included wall adapter to charge, or it can be charged via the USB port on your computer. The toy’s control panel flashes when it’s charging, and will glow steadily once charging is finished.

noxbuttonsNox is controlled by 4 buttons, which are located on the front of the shaft. These buttons are +, H, M, and + (yes, these are both +, although I believe the bottom + is supposed to be a -, at least according to the instruction booklet.  Pressing the top + button for 3 seconds will turn the Nox on, and subsequent presses will increase the vibration speed (there are 3 vibration speeds to choose from).  Pressing the bottom + button will decrease the speed, and holding this button for 3 seconds will turn the Nox off.  The M button turns the mode (or patterns) on and allows you to cycle through the 7 vibration and pulsation patterns.

The H button is called Vox mode, and can be activated/deactivated by holding this button for 3 seconds. A small hole is visible by the H and M buttons that is a microphone – this mike is supposed to pick up sound and create vibrations based on the sounds in the room, including your own.

loveopurpleinhandThe vibrations for this toy are between buzzy and rumbly, and they can be felt all the way down the shaft, although they are concentrated in the head. They’re strong on the high setting, and not terribly loud – any kind of background noise will mask that you’re using this.

Although my manual said the Nox is water-resistant, it is in fact waterproof, so you will  be able to take this with you into the tub. It’s easy to clean, using soap and warm water, a toy spray, or toy wipes. Once dried, it can be stored in its box or in the storage bag that’s provided. Water-based lube is recommended, but if you prefer silicone or hybrid lubes, do a spot test first on the bottom of the handle.

So, Did It Work? The Nox has some good points. I like the vibration strength on high – it’s strong enough for me to use this clitorally as well as internally. The patterns are also nice, and I like that the vibration strength can be changed for each.  If that were all, I would recommend this as a good, solid vibrator.

Where the Nox fell short for me was on the voice, or Vox, mode. The small hole by the H and M buttons is supposed to pick up sound and create vibrations based on the intensity of those sounds – so it’s voice, music, and sound-activated. I was really excited to use this setting, and thought I’d give it a shot by myself first. It completely didn’t work – I was careful how I held it, so that I wasn’t covering up the mike, but no matter how loud I started talking, the Nox didn’t start up. I put on music, fairly loud, and…still nothing.

I tried it next with my husband, and it didn’t react to his voice at all either. We did finally get it to react – he had to be about 3” or so from the mike, and then the vibrations ebbed and flowed with his voice. It also worked from that distance if he blew into it – light breaths got the vibrations going gently, and hard breaths, or blowing into the mike, caused the vibrations to hit the maximum speed. This was kind of fun, but not really how I expected this to work at all.

I’d like to thank Loveo Co for sending me the Nox to review!  While I can’t recommend this – the Vox mode doesn’t work the way it should – I think the idea is pretty cool, as it would be fun to have a vibrator that is voice and sound activated, that will pick up on sounds in the room and not need you to be so close to the mike. If you’re interested in the Nox, you can pick one up at Pleasure’s Peak.

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Wicked Wednesday: Reviews

By unknown ... AKB? Anna K? Brassey [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By unknown … AKB? Anna K? Brassey [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve been writing reviews for a long time. I didn’t start out writing reviews for sex toys – I actually started out doing music reviews for a SIG I belonged to. The CDs I’d get (along with tons of promotional material) were mostly alternative at first – The Falling Walendas and Dread Zeppelin to name a few,  one or two that snuck in that were rap (and probably the shortest reviews I’ve ever written: It’s rap – enough said.) Then one day I got a metal CD, and somehow I was the only one in the group that loved metal, so I got to review all of them that our fearless leader got in. I never got to pick the CDs, but I did discover some bands I still love to this day (Godsmack) and some that I own way too much of (Motorhead).

During the time I was writing music reviews, I had the opportunity in another SIG to write movie and book reviews. This was a horror group, and the movies were just movies I’d seen and felt the need to expand on, but every few months a new book would arrive for review. I found some I loved and some I hated, and it was a great way to expand my libraries.

So how did I end up reviewing sex toys and other erotic items? Quite a few years back now, I stumbled on a review program for an online merchant. The pitch? Free sex toys if you’ll write reviews. They required a sample review, and I sent it in and got accepted. We could only pick one toy every few months or so, and we had to send in the review to be approved before it was published on the site. When I wrote my first real review, it was actually returned with a note that it had too much information about the toy, and not enough about my experience (that whole formula changed on the site for the worse in the years to follow, but originally it was more about personal opinion than anything else). Over the years, i wrote reviews for books and movies as well, and also started reviewing these items for other authors, sites, and manufacturers. I still review a lot of sex toys and books on my blog, and also about 5-10 porn DVDs a month on another site – I think my sex toy collection is only surpassed by the sheer amount of porn I own.

I enjoy writing reviews. For me, it’s fun to discover new products, whether they’re books, movies, or toys, and I also like to share my opinion (not my humble opinion, as I often say).  I write reviews differently depending on what the item is and who the audience is. For books, I read the book through once, and then jot down notes and sometimes go back and reread parts or find quotes. It’s a similar process with CDs – I’ll listen to the CD all the way through, and then go back and write. When I review porn, I usually write the review while I’m watching (admittedly with breaks if the scenes are good). With sex toys, I’ll usually jot down basic information, then write the review after I’ve used them a few times.

The best tips I have are to get the important information in the review – obviously this varies on the review type – and know your audience. It’s different writing a review of a short-story compilation than a novel, for example, or writing for a hard-core review site or your own blog. Be descriptive, point out the pros and cons, and give your honest opinion overall. You’ll often find that not everyone feels the same way you do – but that’s what makes reviews great.

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