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HNT: Fishy

As you know, I didn’t get a tattoo when we went to Vegas. It seemed like we had so much to do and not enough time to do it in (like gamble). So, I’m still having fun with the fake tattoos. I got some cool new ones that are a bit different than the typical ones I’ve been able to find – this one is an interesting, rather large, fish – I think it’s supposed to be a koi. It does look rather nice, I think.  Enjoy!

HNT: Tattoos and Guns

I still haven’t gotten my real tattoo. Part of the problem is I can’t decide what I want. I don’t want anything straight from a book – I want to design something cool and unique. I was going to get one in Vegas, but a lack of time and some worry about it, and here I am still with a naked back. I was getting pretty tired of the temporary tattoos I could find, too. Pretty much the same old thing, although they do look kind of cool. I finally found some different ones when I ordered my Liberator Stage, and this was the first one to get a try on my back.  Hope you enjoy!

HNT: Blue & Purple Butterflies

I’m still contemplating getting that tattoo. It seems like I haven’t posted a tattoo picture in quite a while!
We tried out this one recently – it’s similar to another one I did, but the small purple butterflies give it a nice touch.  Enjoy!

HNT : Tattoo #4

So, I’m still experimenting with tattoos.  This one is the same colors as the butterfly tattoos I’ve tried so far, but with moons and stars.  I’m thinking this will be an interesting way to date our videos by the tattoo on my back before I actually get the real one.  I’m much more partial to the blues than the reds, I think, although I’d like to try a purple design as well.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

HNT : Tattoo #3

So far, I’ve tried a kitty tattoo and a butterfly tattoo.  I’m partial to the butterfly right now, as well as the blue color over black.

Continuing on my tattoo quest, I tried out this one in red and black.  The heart pattern is cute, but I’m not sure about the colors.  Does red last well on tattoos? Let me know what you think!