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How Deep Is Beauty?

I love Jopen toys. While my favorite line is the Vanity line, I’ve enjoyed vibrators from their Key, Lust, and Envy lines as well. This year, one of the new lines Jopen introduced was Callie, and I received Jopen’s Callie Dual Massager Vibrator (part of the new Callie line) from Good Vibrations for free to review.

rabbitinboxThe Callie Dual Massager Vibrator, which is a rabbit style, comes in a white and gold box, with the toy visible through the front and product information on the back. Inside the box are the toy, USB charging cable, and general information booklet. The box is fine for storing the toy and charging cable together, or you can use a toybag. You will want to keep the cable with this one.


This rabbit-style vibrator is made of a creamy white silicone, and it’s quite pretty. The silicone is smooth with very little drag. The toy is about 7 3/4” long overall, and the shaft rabbitinhandis 6 “ insertable. It has a tapered tip for easy insertion (you’ll want to use your favorite water-based lube), and at its widest is 1 3/4” in diameter. The clit stimulator is about 2” long and 3/4” wide. It’s flexible, and easy to position.  Both the tip of the shaft and the clit stimulator have motors in them.

rabbitchargeportThe charging port for this vibrator is hidden, but easy to access. The gold base (made of ABS plastic with metallic plating) can be twisted open to access the port. Unlike other USB chargeable toys that I have, this uses a rabbitpluggedinmicro-USB to USB connection, with the micro-USB port inside the base. It takes about 2 hours to charge the vibrator (it will glow red while charging), and it will run for about 50 minutes on high or 1 1/2 hours on low when fully charged.

The bottom of the base has a large acrylic gemstone button to control the basic functions of the toy. Pressing and holding the button for about 3 seconds will turn the vibrator on or off. Once on, pressing the button will cycle through 7 functions of steady vibrations, pulsation patterns,and escalation patterns.

rabbitbaseEach function of this vibrator has 5 intensities from low to high. Instead of more buttons, however, the controls for changing the intensity are located on one side of the toy, right above the base. The controls are a “+” and a “-“, and they are indented into the material.  The indentations are tricky to locate when you have the vibrator inserted; you can squeeze both sides to increase or decrease the intensity.

rabbitbuttonsThis vibrator is quite strong on the high settings, and somewhat loud – you’ll want to have some background music on to hide the sound. It’s completely waterproof, so you can take it into the tub and play.

Like all silicone, waterproof toys, this is easy to clean with antibacterial soap and water, toy cleaner, or wipes. You can store this in its box, or in a toy bag.

rabbitflexSo, Did It Work? The Callie Dual Massager Vibrator has some good points.  The motors in both the shaft and clit stimulator are strong and well placed (although I don’t think they’re quite aa strong as the Vanity line). The clit arm is long, and flexible, and is easy to position where I need it. I like the simplicity of the single button for controlling the vibration pattern as well as the on/off, and I like several of the vibration patterns.

I have mixed feelings about the charging port location. I’m not crazy about having to remove the base to get to the port (because I lose things), although this probably makes the port more waterproof than otherwise.

rabbittipWhat I’m least fond of are the “+” and “-“ for controlling the speed. Because they’re indented and not raised, they’re hard to find – almost impossible for me to actually feel – when using this toy. I can squeeze around the base, but it’s tricky when I’ve got this vibrator inserted, and soemtimes I squeeze too high or too low and change the speed the direction I don’t want to go.

Thank you to Good Vibrations for sending me the Jopen Callie Dual Massager Vibrator for free to review! While this isn’t available yet at GoodVibes.com, the other items in the Callie line are, and you can check them out by clicking the widget below.

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Lust In Lime

It’s the start of a new year, and time to check out more sex toys! To start January out right, Jopen sent me the L5, one of the interesting and colorful vibrators from their Lust line, for free in exchange for this review.

l5boxThe Lust L5 comes in a pretty pastel box with a picture of the toy on the back. The box has a magnetic lid, making it ideal for storage, and inside the box are the L5 in a foam bed, a USB charging cord, and a small informational booklet (there’s also a one year warranty).  I received mine in lime (it also comes in purple and pink), and it’s a beautiful, warm shade.

l5inboxThe L5 (and its sister vibes, the L6 and L7) have a truly unique look, with an overall clean design. The L5 is about 7 3/4″ long overall and covered with a l5wingsspreadseamless, smooth-feel silicone that has very little drag to the surface. The top half of the vibrator looks something like a budding flower, with a larger center and two delicate petals that extend over the top. The center is about 1 3/4″ long and 1” wide, with a rounded tip and gentle bulge. The petals are large, at 3 1/4″ long and 1 1/2″ wide, and they can flex out from the center to quite a wide angle. You can see the possibilities for their placement and use.

l5chargeonbottomThis is a rechargeable vibrator, and the charging port is on the bottom of the toy. The charging jack slips easily into the port, and it can be connected to your computer’s USB port or a wall adapter. The charging time is fast – just 2 hours for a full charge – and the L5 will run for 2 hours on high or 3 hours on low.  When charging, a led light flashes behind the upper control button on the front of the shaft; this light glows steady when charging is complete.

l5buttonsThe Lust L5 has two buttons on the front of the base (this is if you consider the petals to rise to the sides). The bottom button is an on/off button, and the top button controls the L5’s functions.  There are not graduated vibrations, but rather set speeds for the ten different steady, pulsating, and reverberating functions. On any of the functions, the L5 is very quiet. The vibrations are on the rumbly side and strong, and are strong in the center insertable. Depending on how you have the petals placed, they will carry the vibration of the center, although the strength you’ll feel will vary.

This is a completely waterproof vibe, so it’s safe (and fun) to take it into the bath.

The L5 is fairly easy to clean, and can be washed before and after use with antibacterial soap, a toy cleaner, or toy wipes. Care should be taken to clean where the petals connect to the body. Once dry, the L5 can be stored in its box or in a toybag. Water-based lube is recommended, but if you prefer to use a silicone or hybrid lube, do a spot test close to the bottom of the shaft first.

l5inhandSo, Did It Work? I was thrilled to get the Lust L5 in lime green – this has to be one of my favorite sex toy colors (or really, colors for almost anything), as it’s reminiscent of spring. And, hey, it’s green. The vibrations on all of the settings are strong, and enough to get me to orgasm. I also love that I can take this into the tub.

I was immensely curious about the use of the L5 when I’d seen pictures of it online, and I actually pulled out the instruction manual first (yes, I know, just what you’re supposed to do) to see what to do. However, the manual just points out the parts and features of the L5 – it doesn’t say anything about use. Obviously, this meant lots of experimenting.

I tried the L5 with the petals outspread and the center inserted. The petals are long enough to cover a wide area, and the vibrations and patterns are pleasant this way, although the center’s penetration is a bit too shallow for me, and the petals don’t transmit the vibrations as well when they’re spread out so far. Since the petals come close together, I also tried them as clitoral stimulators. They’ve got a light touch, which is good for foreplay, but using the center works even better. It’s firm and has a good vibration for this type of stimulation, and the petals add some stimulation.

My favorite way to use the L5, however, is with the petals inserted, along with the center. While it looks like it would be awkward to insert, the petals stay together and are gently tapered enough to make insertion easy once they’re lubed up. The petals add some length and girth to the toy, and when the L5 is  turned on, the petals add some movement inside that feels really good.

I like the fact that the L5 has an instant off button – because there are those times you’ve got to shut down in a hurry.

Thank you to Jopen for sending me the Lust L5 for free to review! If you’d like to start the new year off right with this unusual and powerful vibrator, you can pick up the L5, or other Lust line vibrators,  at SheVibe by clicking on the widget below. And don’t forget to check out Jopen on Facebook and Twitter!

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Seven Minutes To Heaven

Rabbits are peeking out everywhere, and while they may seem more for spring, they’re definitely worth checking out this Christmas holiday season! This week, I had the pleasure of trying out the Envy 7, one of 12 toys in the Jopen Envy line, which Jopen sent to me for free in exchange for a review.

envyboxThe Envy 7 from Jopen, which has a one year warranty, comes in a sturdy black box with a pink color wave on the front. On the back is a picture of the toy along with a description of its features. The box has a magnetic lid, and flips open, making it suitable for storage. Inside are the toy and a USB charging cord resting in foam, as well as a booklet explaining care and use.

envyinboxThis rabbit vibrator is only available in pink – and it’s a rich, bright color. The toy is made of firm silicone, which is smooth and has very little drag to the surface.  It’s on the smaller side for rabbits: just 7 1/4″ long overall, and it has a flat bottom so it can stand upright.

envyinhand2The Envy 7’s shaft is about 4 1/2″ insertable. The head has a gentle taper, and widens to 1 1/2″ before narrowing closer to the base. It’s completely smooth, and has a gentle curve to hit your G-spot during use. One of the Envy 7’s motors is located in the shaft’s head. The shaft is firm, and doesn’t flex.

Like traditional rabbit vibrators, the Envy 7’s clitoral arm has a bunny shape, complete with ears, although it’s quite stylized. The arm is 2 1/2″ long and 1 1/4″ wide at its widest point. The clit arm also has a motor for strong vibes where they’re needed. The arm can flex outward a bit from the shaft, but it doesn’t have a wide range of movement.

The motors can run separately or together, but if both are turned on, they will have the same pattern.

envybottombuttonsThis is a rechargeable vibrator. The charging jack slips into a small hole on the bottom of the base, and then the Envy 7 can be plugged into a computer or wall USB charger. Charging is quick: it’s fully charged in just 2 1/2 hours. The Envy 7 will run for about 45 minutes on high, and up to 2 1/2 hours on low. LED lights will flash red when charging, and will go out when charging is complete.

envybottomlitThe Envy 7 has a locking feature, making it great for travel. It arrives locked – to unlock, simply push both bottom buttons for about 4 seconds. The Envy 7 will briefly buzz to indicate it’s been locked or unlocked.

This rabbit vibrator has 3 buttons for control: one below the clit arm on the base, and two on the bottom of the toy. The front button can be used once the toy is turned on – it controls which of the motors are on, either just the shaft, just the clit arm, or both.

envyfrontandbotbuttonsThe two bottom buttons are labeled “I” and “F”. The “I” button is to the left when the Envy 7 is inside of you, and the “F” button is to the right.  To turn on the Envy 7, press “I” once. The vibrations will start out low and steady. By pressing and holding the “I” button, the strength of the vibrations increase, up to very strong and thuddy, not buzzy. Pressing the “F” button will cycle through the 7 various pulsing and escalating patterns the Envy 7 has.  The buttons will glow with red LED when the Envy 7 is on.

Envy 7 also has something cool –  a memory chip to resume the last function used. Simply press the “F” button when the vibrator is off, and it will start up where you left off, so no more hunting for your favorite setting. You will have to hold down the “I” button to get the intensity up to speed – the chip remembers the pattern but not the strength.

envyshaftandrabbitThe vibrations on high are nice and deep, both in the clit arm and in the shaft. They’re also pretty quiet, so any background noise will mask the use of the toy. The Envy 7 is completely waterproof, so it’s great to take with you into the tub.

This is an easy to clean vibrator: wash with mild soap and water, or use a toy cleaner or wipes. Once dry, it can be stored in its box along with its charging cable. Water-based lubes are recommended, but if you prefer silicone lube, do a spot test towards the bottom of the base first.

envysideviewSo, Did It Work? This is one powerful rabbit! I love the motors the Envy 7 uses – they’re rumbly and strong, in both the shaft and the clit arm. I enjoyed most of the patterns, and once I found one I wanted to use, I liked being able to increase the intensity. The curve of the shaft hits my G-spot dead-on, and the vibrations are perfectly targeted on it for me. The charge life is decent – enough for about 2 sessions for me, and the recharging time is fairly short.

The buttons on the bottom can be a bit trial and error at first – until I had the location down, I would change patterns or turn the Envy 7 off unintentionally, but after a bit I was able to get the pattern that I wanted and pump up the vibrations. There’s no way to decrease the vibration except by turning this toy off and then back on, but that can be done fairly quickly. I really love the memory feature – it lets me start out with the pattern I like the most.

The button on the shaft didn’t do much for me – with rabbits, I prefer to have both parts vibrating, and running either the clit arm or shaft separately doesn’t do anything for me.

The only thing that would really improve this one is having the clit arm be just a bit more flexible, allowing it to have a wider angle out from the shaft. It fit me comfortably, but just a 1/2″ more would have been ideal for me.

Thank you to Jopen for sending me the Envy 7 for free to review! If you’d like to stuff your stocking with this powerful and compact rabbit, you can pick one up at SheVibe by clicking on the widget below. And don’t forget to check out Jopen on Facebook and Twitter!

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

It’s L18 And I Like It

It’s the beginning of December, and time to be looking for special gifts for yourself or those close to you. Always up on my list is a new vibrator, and Jopen has some exciting ones to look at. A few weeks ago I reviewed the Jopen Key Comet II, one I’d highly recommend. My first review this month is for the lovely, orgasm-inducing Lust L18 – a rabbit vibrator with all the right curves and power, which I received free from Jopen in exchange for this review.

l18boxThe L18 is part of Jopen’s Lust line, and comes in a white box with colorful circle accents. The product is pictured on the back, along with care and use information. The box has a flip-open lid with a magnetic closure, and is great for storing the toy. Inside the box is the L18 in either pink or purple (mine arrived in pink), a USB charging cord, and a small instruction booklet detailing use and care. It also has a one year warranty.

l18inboxMy Jopen L18 bubble-gum pink. It’s made of silicone with a satin finish, so it’s relatively slick and doesn’t have a lot of drag, but it does have a bit of give when you press the surface. Just a bit of lube (water-based is recommend – if you prefer silicone, do a spot test on the bottom of the base first) makes it slick and easy to insert. The L18 is waterproof, so you can play in the tub as well as in bed.

l18profileThis vibrator has a clean line, no noticeable seams, and is moderate in size. It’s just 7 3/4″ long overall, with about 4 3/4″ insertable. The head is large, and it’s gently curved with a broad surface to hit your G-spot – it’s about 2” long and 1 1/2″ in diameter. The shaft is actually quite narrow, averaging about 1” in diameter from the head to where the shaft meets the base. This shaft is flexible and will move with you.

The clitoral stimulator is 2” long and 1” in diameter. It’s firm, like the head, but flexes out easily from where it joins the base, allowing it to be easily positioned. Both the head and the clitoral arm have a motor. The motors are controlled together.

l18inhandThe L18 also features a loop on the back side of the base. The loop has a 1 1/2″ opening (about 3/4″ wide), that is ideal for inserting 1-2 fingers for better control when thrusting.

This is a rechargeable vibrator, and charges via USB. The charging port is on the bottom of the toy, and a long jack plugs into the hole. The L18 takes just 2 1/2 hours to charge, and will run for 45 minutes on high or up to 5 hours on low (being a high vibration girl, mine goes for 45-60 minutes of use). Red LED lights flash behind the buttons when charging, and glow steady when charging is complete.

The L18 is controlled by two buttons located on the front of the base. Pressing both buttons together for 4 seconds will lock or unlock the toy for use, making this easy to travel with. The top button turns the L18 on and off, and will also decrease the intensity of the motors when it’s pressed and held. The bottom button changes the vibration pattern when pressed, and when pressed and held increases the strength of the motors’ vibrations. The L18 can cycle through 5 vibration patterns (1 steady and 4 pulse patterns), and each pattern can run at the varying intensities. Red light shines behind the buttons when the L18 is in use. The vibrations are quiet, and won’t be heard over any background noise.

l18onsideSo, Did It Work? I really like the L18. I sometimes have trouble with rabbits, as so many have clit arms that are not as long as I’d like. The L18’s is long enough to hit my clit dead-on, and it’s also flexible so that I can get the right angle. The motor in the arm is strong – which for clitoral stimulation is a must for me – and it’s strong enough to get me to orgasm.

Although the shaft isn’t thick, the head is thick and hits my G-spot. The motor in the head is also strong, and the head is firm enough to get G-spot pressure.

l18headI also love that this has a loop on the back for control. There’s nothing worse than not being able to get a good grip on a vibrator, especially if I’m close to orgasm, and this makes it easy for both me and my husband to control.

The 45 minutes of use time might not sound like a lot, but I’ve found that if I’m using this completely on high that it will easily get me through 2 separate sessions before having to recharge.

The only thing that might make the L18 better, for me, would be to have separately controlled motors, so I could have steady vibrations on my clit and a pattern inside.

Thank you to Jopen for sending me the Lust L18 for free to review! If you’re looking for an elegant, powerful rabbit vibrator with a longer clit arm, the L18 is one you’ll enjoy. You can pick up the L18 or other products in the Jopen Lust line at SheVibe by clicking the widget below. And don’t forget to check out Jopen on Facebook and Twitter!

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Stars In My Eyes

Jopen has some fun looking products. I’ve got quite a few of their Vanity line, including the VR line, including several of the rabbits and the VR9, but I hadn’t had an opportunity to try their other toys. I was excited to receive recently the Key Comet II, a G-spot vibrator, from Jopen for free in exchange for this review.

cometouterboxThe Key Comet II from Jopen comes in blue, lavender, and pink. I received mine in blue, which is a lovely, vibrant peacock blue color. It arrived in a black box with the toy pictured on the front in its color, and information on the back. The bottom half of the box is covered by a slip-cover which, when removed, gives access to the rest of the box. It has a lift-open lid, and inside are the Comet II, a USB charging cord, a storage bag, and a small instruction sheet with how to operate the toy.

cometinfoamThis is a lovely vibrator, with its blue shaft and darker blue handle. The toy has a large, rounded head and a sweeping curve for the shaft which is accented by gentle swirling patterns.

cometinboxThe curve is pronounced, and allows the Comet II to be easily used for G-Spot stimulation. The shaft is insertable to about 5 ¼”, and it’s a smooth, slick silicone that has no drag to the surface. The head is about 1 ½” in diameter, and is the widest part of the toy.

cometinhandUsing water-based or silicone-based lube is a must to insert the Comet II, although you won’t need a lot to make it slick. The degree of the shaft’s curve makes it easy to insert once it’s been lubricated, and the head hits nicely on the G-Spot. The handle is easy to grip and maneuver the shaft and head into the position that’s most enjoyable for you.

The Comet II is rechargeable, and charges via USB connector. The back of the shaft has two magnetic contacts, and the USB cable attaches easily and securely. It takes just 4 hours to fully charge, and then the Comet II will run for 2-3 hours before needing to be charged again. It should not be charged for more than 24 hours.

This is easy to operate. On the handle at the bottom, one side has a large, flat, silver button (made of stainless-steel alloy) labeled “Key”. This is the only control cometbuttonbutton. Pressing and holding this button for 3 seconds turns the Comet II on or off. Pressing the button after the Comet II is turned on will cycle through the 7 vibration and patterned settings. The motor is located in the head, so the vibrations are concentrated where they need to be. They do travel down the shaft and into the handle but are nowhere near as strong. The vibrations are rumbly and intense, and they are also very quiet. Even if you’re using the Comet II’s head for some clitoral stimulation, you won’t need more than quiet background noise to cover the sound.

cometmagportThe Comet II is waterproof, so it’s great to use in the shower or tub. This also makes it easy to clean. It should be washed before and after use with an antibacterial soap and warm water, then thoroughly dried before storing or charging. A black lint-free bag is included for storage, or you can store the Comet II in the box it comes in.

cometchargeSo, Did It Work? I love the Comet II! It’s got a wonderful curve to it, and it’s easy to hold and manipulate against my G-Spot. The motor is located in the head, so the vibrations are strongest where I need them, and they are wonderfully strong. I also like the size and firmness of the head, as it also works well if I use the Comet II for clit stimulation. The silicone on this toy is super slick, so it just takes a bit of lube to ready it for use. The button isn’t easy to press accidentally (which is one of the worst things ever), so you won’t find yourself switching patterns by mistake.

Thank you to Jopen for sending me the Key Comet II for free to review! If you’re looking for a strong G-Spot vibrator that will make you see stars, the Key Comet II is a great choice. You can pick up this, and other Jopen toys, at SheVibe by clicking the widget below. And don’t forget to check out Jopen on Facebook and Twitter!

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.