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Wicked Wednesday: Purple

I love to wear purple, in all shades and hues. But I love to take it off for you even more.

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What About B.O.B.?

I have a pretty large collection of vibrators and dildos, most of which aren’t terribly realistic. I like realistic ones, particularly for dildos, and a suction cup is always a bonus! I’d been looking at a new brand called Pink B.O.B, and they were kind enough to send me the Ultra Real Suction Cup Dildo to try out for free, in exchange for an unbiased review.

Although B.O.B. does stand for what you think it does, they do make and sell a lot of non-battery operated toys. The dildo that I received came in a plain pink box with just the product name and some information on the back. Inside, it was sealed in plastic.

This is a nice looking dildo, and it’s a good size for me. It’s about 8” long overall, from the tip to the bottom of the suction cup, with 6” of insertable length, and it’s a nice 1.5” in diameter (4.75” circumference). It looks pretty realistic, and has a nice veined texture down the shaft as well as a well-defined head. The shaft is quite flexible, and I could bend it almost in half (it went right back to it’s normal shape when I let go). The dildo also has a curve, allowing it to hit your g-spot when thrusting.

The suction cup holds well on a flat, dry surface and really holds firm. It works on chairs, tables, shower walls – just about anything you can imagine that has a smooth texture. The suction cup is great for hands-free use, and it’s also great to hold on to while thrusting (holding onto the well-defined balls works as well). The cup also works well in my fucking machine and stays in place securely when it’s in motion.

The box doesn’t list the material, but the website says it’s 100% silicone. It is, indeed, odorless and flavorless, and it doesn’t have an oily feel. It feels soft and silky. The silicone is dual-layered, so it has the soft outer skin over a firmer but flexible inner.

You will want to use a good water-based lube when using this dildo, to make insertion and use easier. It’s easy to clean after play with soap and water or a toy cleaner.


Thank you to TooTimid for sending me this to review! I really like this dildo. It’s a great size, feels good, and is easy to use. If you’ve been looking for a realistic dildo that’s made of a body-safe material and has a suction cup to boot, you can pick one up at PinkBob.com, or at TooTimid by clicking the widget below.


Wicked Wednesday: Pause

By Alfred Glendening jr. (1861–1907) (Dorotheum) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Rushing all the time
is crazy
Things are hectic
But sometimes you have to pause
And savor what you have,
Reflect on everything that’s good
and what could make things better
To make yourself happy
Less crazy
and at one with the universe.



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TMI Tuesday: Too Much Information Running Through Your Brain

By Andrés Rodriguez Vaquera [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

1. If you had three wishes that would come true, what would they be?
Hmmm….I would wish that:
– I had an endless supply of money to be able to live the way I wanted to
– I would be thin and healthy for the rest of my life
– I could have the sex life that I craved and how I craved it

2. What are your favorite things to spend money on?
I love to spend money on clothes and shoes, mostly.

3. If you could write a song about your life, what type of music would you use?
I’d go with heavy metal – strong and driving, with powerful lyrics.

4. If you could choose your partner again, would you choose the same person?

5. When it comes to discussing your sex life, who do you confide in more than anyone else?
I confide the most in my best friend. I think there’s nothing she doesn’t know.

Bonus: What’s your definition of cheating? Is there really such a thing?
I think cheating is the actual physical act of having sex with someone else.  It depends on if your partner knows, though. If they do and they’re ok with it, then it’s not really cheating.


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Wicked Wednesday: Champion

George Frederic Watts [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

To me you are a champion, a knight in armor bright
Who stands by me through thick and thin, and holds me through the night.
When I’m surrounded by your arms and pressed against your length,
I feel your gentle tenderness; I also feel your strength.

Your warm breath blowing on my neck sends shivers down my spine
And I thank God I found you and forever you’ll be mine.
I want you to protect me and to keep me in your heart,
No matter what dark forces try to drive us far apart.

You are my lone paladin, the defender of my realm,
You’ll steer us through to safety as the captain at the helm.
No matter what will happen as we sail throughout our days,
I’ll always know you love me in so many little ways.

You’re not just my sweet lover, you’re my hero and my friend,
And though our time together on this earth must someday end
Our souls will find each other through a true and shining love,
You’ll be with me forever in our heaven up above.


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