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Wicked Wednesday: Release

woman masturbating

By Gare DeSad (“Solo”) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When I’m alone I think of you
and I am excited and aroused
I feel good, but the pressure builds.
to the point where I cannot contain it any longer.
My orgasm is my release
loud and uninhibited,
And I let go with abandon.

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Wicked Wednesday: Trademark

Painting of a nymph and a satyr by gerard van honthorst

[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

You should trademark that look that
makes me smile with happiness
melts my heart with love
hardens my nipples
makes me wet
fills me with desire for you.

You would make a fortune.

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Wicked Wednesday: Black

abdominal muscles of a woman

By Russ Anderson from London, UK (MGDK’s middle) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

You told me you were coming over, that you’d like to see me,
I was thrilled and wanted to look very good for you.
I rummaged in my closet and my drawers for something sexy,
I wanted something spicy and a bit suggestive too.

I settled on a mini skirt of black and supple leather,
With slats across the back that would show off my rounded ass.
A leather bra to top it off and show my ample cleavage,
And knee high boots, stiletto heels, to give a bit of sass.

I heard the doorbell ring and did a quick check in the mirror,
So horny and aroused I felt my pussy growing wet,
I let you in and turned around and heard you breathe in sharply,
I knew then that your appetite to ravage me was whet.

I led you to the bedroom and you kissed me very deeply,
I felt your hard cock pressing up against me through my skirt.
Your hands squeezed each of my cheeks and then gave me a light spanking,
I fumbled with the buttons on your blue designer shirt.

Black leather on my alabaster skin – a striking contrast,
But soon it lay in piles on the hardwood bedroom floor.
Now naked on the black silk sheets, our bodies intertwining,
We fucked each other through the night, and still we wanted more.

You leave me in the morning, tired, happy, and quite sated,
A kiss goodbye and then I stretch and close my tired eyes.
Your scent is on my pillow and I now inhale it deeply,
I love you more than ever, more than you can realize.


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TMI Tuesday: What Kind Of Person Are You?

Painting of a woman doing her hair - Angelo Caroselli Allegoria della vanita

[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Are you addicted to any social media (twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc.)?
I’m pretty addicted to Facebook, and somewhat to Twitter. I don’t use the others very much.

2. You know a secret about someone. What do you do with that information?
a. I keep it to yourself
b. I tell my best friend
c. I wait until they hurt me and use it as ammunition
d. I tell everyone I can, I don’t mean to, I just cannot keep a secret
Usually a or b. If it’s about someone that both my best friend and I know, I keep it to myself. If it’s someone they don’t know, then I might tell them about it.

3. You see someone breaking the rules at work, what do you do?
a. Pretend not to see what is going on
b. Inform upper management
c. Advise the co-worker that their actions are frowned upon and can lead to job loss
d. Tell everyone else in the office what you saw
Well, that depends on exactly what kind of rule they broke. If it was something minor, I’d probably do a. If it was something more important, I’d do c.

4. A friend has a new hairstyle that is un-becoming, and not really age-appropriate on them. They ask you how they look. What is your reply?
a. You look just fine.
b. You look much better this way.
c. OMG, you look a bit ridiculous.
d. *Silence*
If I really think it looks bad, and they’re a good friend, it’d be c.

5. How helpful are you at home?
a. I come home and immediately veg out on the couch/bed.
b. I cook and clean a few times a week.
c. I am extremely helpful.
d. I do what I am asked and nothing more.
Usually b.

Bonus: In your opinion, what is the best city in the world? Why?
Hmmm…that’s a tough one. If I were to pick by cities I’ve been to, I think I’d go with Las Vegas. I love the action on the strip, the night life, the shows, the weather…really everything about it.

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Wicked Wednesday: Underdog

Man and woman having sex in doggy position on a bed.

[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Do you think I’m an underdog who wants to be on top?
Or are you confusing this with my love of doggy-style?
On my hands and knees I’ll wait for you
to take me from behind.

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