TMI Tuesday: Happily Ever After???

1. If married, had you slept with any of your wedding guests not including the person you married? How many of the guests had you slept with?
Is that a thing, sleeping with the wedding guests at the wedding? That was my first thought on reading this, and then I realized I misinterpreted that. No, I never slept with any of the guests at my wedding, either before the wedding or on the wedding day.

2. Weddings again–Ever gone to a wedding and hooked up with another guests?
No – I’ve never done that.

3. Do you get along with your partner’s family? Why or why not?
I haven’t seen them in ages – we got along fairly well the few times we met.

4. Who in your romantic relationship is usually the first to apologize after a fight?
Definitely not me. Seriously – I think I have maybe once or twice, if it really was truly my fault.

5. When was the last time you dreamed about your partner? What it a good dream or a nightmare?
Hmmm…I never remember my good dreams, only my nightmares, and he’s never in those. So, it could have been last night.

Bonus: Do you think that fate or destiny play a role in love?
Yes, I think they do.

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One response to “TMI Tuesday: Happily Ever After???

  1. 1. hahahahaha!! Wedding orgy

    Have a great week!