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TMI Tuesday: Relationship

The Painting "Before Her Appearance" by Frederick Carl Frieseke 1913

Frederick Carl Frieseke [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Why would you go to a therapist?
a. You need support
b. You want to take responsibility for your life’s outcomes?
c. You need guidance and to be told what to do
I can’t imagine ever going to a therapist, but I guess if I did, it would be a – I need support.

2. Thinking of the main male lover in your life, what is sex for him:
a. stress relief, tension reliever
b. a way to show love
c. something exciting he likes to do
I think b – a way to show love.

3. Do you feel a partner is being invasive for wanting to know your plans and inner thoughts?
Not usually – I think you have to know your partner’s inner thoughts and plans (and often you do). If something’s bottled up and neither will talk about it, it just causes problems.

4. In your opinion, what is intimate sharing?
I think intimate sharing is telling (or showing) someone your hopes, dreams, and needs that are things you wouldn’t necessarily tell anyone else – things that are deeply personal to you and that few (if any) other people know.

5. Would you enjoy a weekend by yourself, without the company of your partner? Where would you go? What would you do?
I think a weekend alone can be good for everyone. I would go somewhere like the beach, with no phone and no computer – just me and a few books to read, and some sunscreen.

Bonus: Would you buy an outfit that you love, knowing that your partner will hate it? Then would you wear it as well?
How much hate are we talking here? I really can’t imagine picking out an outfit that he’d hate – although I suspect I wouldn’t really know. That’s one of those things that I don’t think he’d admit to, unless it was so over-the-top awful to him. If he actually spoke up and said he hated it, I might not buy it (and if I did, of course I’d wear it).



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TMI Tuesday: It’s A Good Week To Have A Good Week


By Ditliv Blunck [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. What is your reality?
Hmm…swamped at work, doing well in class (so far), and always tired.

2. Will you have sex today? This week?
Not today, but hopefully this week.

3. What did you hate doing this past weekend?
I hated writing descriptions for eBay items – I have way too much to list and (hopefully) sell.

4. What did you love doing this past weekend?
I loved watching the opening day of football, with all the snacks and goodies.

5. Which new technology have you found most helpful in your life? Which do you find to be the most annoying?

I think my iPhone is the most helpful technology in my life – it’s a mini computer that fits in my pocket, and lets me do so many things faster than I otherwise could.

The most annoying…hmmm…the only thing that I’m finding annoying right now is online ordering for pizza. You’d think that companies would be able to customize coupons for location, rather than presenting ones that are wrong and ring up wrong. That is truly annoying. Get a decent web designer!

Bonus: Go do last week’s TMI questions that were posted on Friday. Great questions!
I completely missed them! So here are my answers to TMI Friday:

1. You are going to make a sexy weekend with your lover. Which one are you most likely to enjoy? Which of the activities is most likely to happen?
a. Cook dinner together
b. Play a sexy game
c. Take a bath together
I’d most enjoy c, but a is most likely to happen.

2. Will you watch porn this weekend? Alone or with someone?
Well, of course! What’s a weekend without porn? I will most likely watch alone.

3. Sexy games–pick one you’d like to play? Why?
a. Naked twister or
b. Strip trivial pursuit
I’d have to go with a). I’ve played it before, and it really is fun. B would be fun if I didn’t want to get naked (I’m very good at trivia and trivial pursuit).

4. Friday night you hit happy hour, you meet a super sexy woman/man and the two of you chat and laugh the night away. She/he leans into you and says, “You’re irresistible, can I touch your pussy/cock?’ What is your answer?
Who’s room is closer?

5. What do you really have planned for the weekend?
This weekend, I have plans to do some quilting and clean out my garage. And maybe go see IT.

6. Does this TMI on a Friday have you changing your weekend plans?
It doesn’t – I’ll still be quilting and cleaning.

Bonus: What you like to do on the weekend but never seem to get the chance?
My favorite thing to do on the weekend is sleep in. Like really late. I rarely get the chance to do it, but when I manage to it is the best thing ever.

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TMI Tuesday: Sexy Time

Work in Turin 2016

By Lady Hide Painter (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Have you ever had sex in the changing room of a store?
Not yet.

2. Ever blindfolded your partner for sex or have you been blindfolded during sex?
Oh, definitely! I love to be blindfolded, especially if we’re dabbling in bondage. And I love to blindfold my partner as well – it’s fun to tease them and keep them in anticipation of what’s to come.

3. Who out there likes to be tied up for sex?
I definitely do. It can be an incredible experience.

4. Shower sex…yea or nay? Why?
Mostly yea – it’s awesome if the shower is large enough, for sure.

5. Ever done a striptease for a lover?
I have – it’s always a turn-on for both of us.

Bonus: What are you thinking?
Right now I’m thinking that I’m horny, and I want to get laid.

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TMI Tuesday: The Psychology Of Sex

Photo of a man and woman in bed

Edouard-Henri Avril, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

1. For you, can sex be separated from love?
Yes, I think they can be separate.

2. Can sex be separated from caring?
I think it’s possible, although I couldn’t separate it this way.

3. Men: Does sex seem to be something that you can never get enough of and are constantly seeking or thinking about?
Ok, I’m not a man, but I’m going to answer this one – yes.

4. Women: Is sex secondary to intimacy, physical closeness, and commitment?
I don’t think it’s always secondary – sometimes it’s primary and is more important than the others.

5. Who is more discriminating in choosing sexual partners–you or your significant other?
I really don’t know how to answer that – I would guess me?

Bonus: Who is more likely to take on additional sexual partners, you or your significant other?
If it were likely at all, I’d have to say I’d be more likely.


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TMI Tuesday: Sex On The Brain

Berlin sex xhop picture with lit Sex sign in window and toys

By Matt RF Webb (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Is a weird “sex face/orgasm face” a total deal-breaker?
No, not at all. I know my orgasm face is probably pretty weird, so as long as there’s a genuine face, all is good.

2. Do you enjoy having your balls played with (or playing with balls)?
I like to play with them, yes. Especially when giving a blow job.

3. Have you ever hooked-up with somebody based on their proximity to your smartphone location (Tinder, GRINDR, etc)?
No, I’ve never done that.

4. You have some free-time in the workday–blow job or intercourse? (BJ can be giving or receiving).
It would depend on just how isolated I could get at work. I love to give BJs, but I would rather be bent over my desk and fucked from behind.

5. How long after having sex with a new partner do you have to wait before falling asleep?
I would say 15 minutes or so – good, hot sex always makes me tired.

Bonus: What’s the dirtiest or sexiest text message you’ve ever received?
Hmmm…the sexiest was probably just “Let’s fuck. Now.”


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