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TMI Tuesday: The Life You Want

slice of cheesecake with caramel sauce and 3 spoons

By Morgan (originally posted to Flickr as Cheesecake) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Who was the first person you ever had a crush on? Why did you like them?
My first crush was in 4th grade – a boy names Steve. I’m not sure exactly why I liked him – I guess I just thought he was cute. Oh, and he listened to Kiss, so that was a plus.

2. What is the most important material possession you have and why?
Hmmm…that’s a tough one. I guess it would be my phone, as it allows me access to almost everything from almost everywhere.

3. If you were a cake which cake would you be?
I think a decadent caramel cheesecake.

4. Has anything/anyone every saved your life before?
Literally? No. Not yet.

5. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?
I think most of all, I’d like to have gained the ability to write well – well enough to be putting out best sellers and make a living off of being an author.

Bonus: Do you have a dream you’re pursuing? Tell us about it.
My dream would be to become a best-selling author and spend the days writing from my ocean-view home.

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TMI Tuesday: Sexy Secrets

picture of a dolphin

By Elelicht (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Do you have a special place you like to have sex regularly?
Hmmmm….in bed is always good. I also have a few pieces of Liberator furniture that are quite fun to fuck on.

2. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? The scariest?
The hardest thing I’ve ever done was put my dog down 2 years ago. He was such a sweetheart, but he had nodules all through him, and was on a lot of drugs. He got to the point where he wouldn’t take them (in cheese, which he never refused), and then he stopped drinking water, and I knew it was time. The vet had a room, and I got to spend time with him, and then he died in my arms. It was horrible and hard, and I still miss him.

The scariest thing I’ve ever done … there are a lot of scary things I’ve done – one of them was flying back home in a propeller plane in a raging blizzard. It was pre-9/11, so the cockpit doors were open, and as we were (finally) landing the auto voice started saying “Pull UP! Pull UP!” We circled the airport for almost an hour before they let us land, and I have never been so thankful to be on solid ground.

3. Are you annoying?
I can be 🙂

4. A person whom you’ve had “the hots” for a very long time tells you they are super attracted to you. You spend a few hours together and the sexual attraction is overwhelming. You are dying to have this person as your lover. At the moment you are highly aroused, and he/she wants to have sex with you in a church, would you do it?
Well, that depends. In an empty church? Sure, why not?

5. While in the middle of the best lovemaking of your life, if your lover asked you to squeal like a dolphin, would you?
I don’t know. I’m pretty willing to do just about anything, but I think that request might make me die laughing.

Bonus: Are you good in bed?
I would say most definitely yes.


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TMI Tuesday: No Frills

plate of rocky mountain oysters with dipping sauce and lemon.

By Vincent Diamante from Los Angeles, CA, USA (Rocky Mountain Oysters! Mmmmmm!) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. What food(s) is your city/country known for?
Hmmm…probably the best known would be Rocky Mountain oysters. Yes, I’ve had them, and yes, they are actually good, sliced thin, battered and deep fried, then dipped in ranch dressing.

2. What should people do when visiting your city?
There’s a lot to do – skiing or snowmobiling in the winter, hiking, or visiting historical sites.

3. What do people do when they come to your home?
They take off their shoes, and then visit with a beer or a glass of wine. And maybe watch football or a movie while being loved to death by 2 very large and affectionate pups.

4. What should people expect when they visit you?
They should expect a good time, good conversation, and dogs that really don’t want to leave them alone.

Bonus: If you were chair who would you like to have sit on you?
Can I sit on them instead? I guess I would pick either Alexander Skarsgard or Tom Ellis.


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TMI Tuesday: Fun Fill-Ins

Photo of an old-fashioned orange alarm clock ringing

By Alan Cleaver (originally posted to Flickr as Alarm Clock 3) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Fill in the blank. Have fun, be creative.

1. Booty call.

2. Give it to me baby.

3. Hard sex and orgasms.

4. Sex bloggers are awesomely cool.

5. I really need to have more sex.

6. You should be tied up and waiting for me when I get home.

7. I have never been able to stop playing FarmVille long enough.

8. Do you wanna have some champagne and a bubble bath?

9. My dogs get mad at me for sleeping in and missing their feeding time.

10. When my alarm clock goes off, I hit snooze and try to power sleep for 9 more minutes…or 18…or 27….you get the idea.

11. I look forward to summer vacation this year.

12. The Hitachi Magic Wand is one of my favorite toys.


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TMI Tuesday: I Need My Space

nude woman reading a book

Emmanuel Benner the Younger [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Do you think that fate or destiny play a role in love?
a. Absolutely
b. For the most part
c. Somewhat
d. Not really
e. Not at all
I think c – somewhat.

2. True or False – If my sexual likes and dislikes are not in line with my partners, I change them.
False. If I change what I like and don’t like to please someone else, there’s a problem. Of course it’s also a problem if our likes and dislikes are wildly disparate, but a bit of compromise is fine.

3. You and your partner are at a party. Both of you are equally acquainted with the hosts and the other people attending, although you aren’t the best of pals with any of the guests, you have conversed with them on a few occasions. During the socializing, what would you most likely do?
a. I’d stay glued to my partner’s side, conversing with the same people he/she is.
b. I’d be away from my partner, mingling with the other guests.
c. I’d stay near my partner, but involved in different conversations.
d. I spend some time by my partner’s side, and some time mingling.
e. I let my partner drift or stick by me – as she/he wishes.
Hmmm….most likely d.

4. Have you ever gone through your partner’s journal, diary or personal letters?
a. Yes – I‘ve read it/them from A to Z.
b. Yes – I’ve read some of it/them.
c. I know where she/he keeps them but I haven’t read any.
d. I know where she/he keeps them – I couldn’t help but look – but I haven’t read any.
e. No – I don’t know where she/he keeps them, and I have no intention of looking.
f. No – I don’t know she/he keeps them, even though I’ve looked.
I’d have to say b. I’ve read some of their very old letters…with permission. I wouldn’t read anything else if I found it, and I stay out of email too.

5. Have you ever had a romantic partner go through your journal, diary, personal letters or text messages without your permission? How did you feel? What did you do?
Yes I have, and I was pissed.  They didn’t ask, and I felt betrayed. I changed all of my passwords to everything.

Bonus:  What makes you feel loved?
A lot of things make me feel loved: tenderness, having something done that I wasn’t expecting just because they knew I’d like it, being comfortable, trust and communication – I could go on, as there are a lot of things that make me feel that way.

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