Wicked Wednesday: Milestone

Adi Holzer [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

Adi Holzer [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

What am I wanting, working towards?
Sometimes it’s hard to know.
Do I want change and happiness?
Or keep the status quo?

I like to think I’m striving for
the best that I can be.
And sometimes my desires and dreams
can get the best of me.

I often wish that things could be
the way they were before.
But changes often manifest
and pound fists on the door.

I walk a line of happiness
across a trail of tears.
And if I trip or stumble
I will face my greatest fears.

Sometimes the fear, it eats at me
and hurts me to my core
And often I can’t handle it –
the pain, it hurts me more.

Perhaps that is the milestone that
I reach for day to day.
To face my fears and take the leap
and choose a different way.

To let the fear wash over me
leave nothing more behind.
To strike it from my memory
remove it from my mind.

Replace it with the love I feel
and joy and hope, desire.
The happiness I know can be
that sets my soul afire.




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2 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Milestone

  1. I enjoyed this poem… loved this line… But changes often manifest
    and pound fists on the door.

  2. This is simply beautiful!

    Rebel xox