Adventures in Sexting

By ???? (????) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

By ???? (????) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

[Author’s note: I wrote this story a few years ago, when my partner and I had just started sexting, and it’s previously appeared on another blog. I thought it would be fun to go back in time before we played around as much as we currently do, and revisit how we started some of our kink.]

I’m pretty new to sexting. My husband and I have had cell phones for a long time. Both with cameras, in fact. I’d used mine to send text messages for years, and occasionally a picture or two of garage sale finds or a baseball park accident, but my husband didn’t care to text much, and I don’t think he’d ever used his camera. It had never crossed my mind to send dirty talk, much less pictures.

One day, out of the blue, my husband asked me to text him while he was at work.
“Text you what?” I asked.
“Something naughty. Maybe what you’d like to do tonight,” he replied.

I was game.
“I’m horny” I sent.
“Fuck you in the ass?” came back.
Me: “Do u want to?”
Him: “Wait till I get home.”
Me: “Can’t wait J”

That led to some very hot sex later that night!

We started doing it a few times a week. Often our conversations went something like this:
Him: I want to do you.
Me: R u horny?
Him: I’m on my way home.

One day he asked me to send him a picture from work. Seriously? But I was game. I sent him something relatively innocent – me sucking on my finger.
He texted back: That makes me hot. Show me more.

Well, ok. I went in the bathroom stall, pulled my shirt down to show some cleavage, and sent off another.
He sent back: Show me more.

That made me a bit nervous. I mean, was I really going to take a dirty picture in the bathroom?

I was.

Topless in the bathroom stall, I snapped a picture of my breasts and sent them.
Him: You’re naughty.
Me: How naughty?
Him: You deserve a spanking
Me: Promise?

He did.

For a while this became our routine. I’d shoot pictures of my boobs and send them off. Sometimes with nipple jewelry adorning them. And always faceless.

Sometimes I’d forget, and he’d call me from work. “Where’s my picture?” he’d ask. I’d run off to the bathroom to send one.

Then, one night, he lost his phone.

I knew he had it earlier in the day, because I had called him. But now it was missing. I tried calling it several times but I couldn’t hear it ringing. I checked the car, but I didn’t see it or hear it, and it started going to voicemail right away when I called, which meant it was either off or the battery had died. He went outside to look one more time, and I was pacing and getting a little nervous. Then the house phone rang.

I picked it up and said hello, and a voice said “Those are some pictures.”

I just about died! This was probably my worst fear: that someone would see my pictures.

“I…um, don’t know what you’re talking about. You found our phone? We really need to get that back.”

“They’re really interesting pictures.”

“Listen, I really need that phone…” and I heard the door open as my husband came back inside. I was shaking and in a panic as I ran the phone to him.

“Someone found the phone!” I shouted at him. And realized it was in his hand. I hadn’t recognized his voice, and he apparently thought it would be funny to trick me like that. I’ve never been so upset in my entire life! He swore he thought I knew it was him. Maybe he did. But that night I swore I would never, ever, send another picture like that to his phone.

Until 2 weeks later, when he asked me to again (he smartly waited until I’d cooled off).

We still sext several times a week, but now his phone is set to “locked”. Just in case.


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