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Now What To Watch?

The TV repairmen were here all day.

Arrival time : about 9:30am.
Departure time : about 6:30pm.

Yes, PM.
Holy crap! They worked steadily, minimal breaks, and it took 9 hours to fix!
They were eyeing my Esse all day, and I was really wondering if they knew what it was for, or if they just thought it was a neat chair. I’ve passed it off that way before (and it can be used that way), but it makes you wonder if other people are as kinky as you are.
Of course, now all is working happily. I have picture and sound.

So what’s the first thing that I’m going to watch?
Yup, you guessed it…

I Want My …TV

So the TV went out.

It’s not like I don’t have another TV to watch. But you get used to being able to watch it wherever you want. It’s driving me crazy! Plus, I can’t very well watch porn in the living room. Well, I could. But it’s small, and in too public of an area.
I could watch it on the computer. I sometimes do when I’m writing reviews. But it’s soooo small (yes, it’s time to invest in a larger monitor). And it’s darker. And the sound system sucks. I need my 5.1 sound!
It’s also hampering my exercise. I know, I should be riding the bike or the elliptical anyways, but it’s so much easier when I can watch TV! Maybe I should pull out the ipod, but really, any excuse.
The repairman is on his way, and hopefully he has the parts to get it up and running. I hope so! I’ve got movies to watch and exercise to do…