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I Want My …TV

So the TV went out.

It’s not like I don’t have another TV to watch. But you get used to being able to watch it wherever you want. It’s driving me crazy! Plus, I can’t very well watch porn in the living room. Well, I could. But it’s small, and in too public of an area.
I could watch it on the computer. I sometimes do when I’m writing reviews. But it’s soooo small (yes, it’s time to invest in a larger monitor). And it’s darker. And the sound system sucks. I need my 5.1 sound!
It’s also hampering my exercise. I know, I should be riding the bike or the elliptical anyways, but it’s so much easier when I can watch TV! Maybe I should pull out the ipod, but really, any excuse.
The repairman is on his way, and hopefully he has the parts to get it up and running. I hope so! I’ve got movies to watch and exercise to do…