Wicked Wednesday: Technical Sex

Jon Photographer [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The trickiest positions that I find quite hard to do
is definitely sixty-nine – it’s never been a coup.
It’s bad when I’m on bottom and it’s worse when I’m on top,
I find it rather difficult to focus and I stop.

I love to suck my lover’s cock, and take it to his balls,
With slow and sensuous sucks and licks that make him climb the walls.
It takes some concentration for the rhythm and the flow,
And when we sixty-nine that rhythm goes out the window.

For when I’m on the bottom oftentimes he’ll start to thrust,
And with my clit on fire, alive, there’s no way to adjust.
I want to move around and I forget what I am doing,
It’s hard to keep on sucking when an orgasm is brewing.

And when I’m on the top and I am wet and quite aroused,
I grind into his tongue until his face is rather soused.
I’m way too focused on my clit and how soon I’ll be cumming,
I just can’t focus on his cock and keep his motor running.

I’d rather that we each take turns to turn the other on,
So both of us are satisfied until the break of dawn.
I don’t know if I’ll ever master how to sixty-nine,
But practice might make perfect – and yes, perfect would be fine.


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7 responses to “Wicked Wednesday: Technical Sex

  1. Yep – kinda with you on this. Lying side by side in 69 is better but I too get distracted by being stimulated at the same time as I’m trying to be clever with my mouth.

  2. So distracting – one at a time place – wait your turn!

  3. Brilliant!!! Love a bit of clever sex poetry

    I have the same issues with 69 – just can’t concentrate on what I’m doing when there’s so much going on at the other end and vice versa

  4. Love the poem! I rarely get to read any poetry on blogs. Also totally agree, I’m very much not a fan of the 69.
    Aurora x

  5. Oh yeah no 69 here either… but the way you expressed it in the poem was genius!

  6. Oh Sammi, I absolutely love love love when you write poems, but his one really blew me away. I totally agree with you on 69-ing!

    Rebel xox

  7. Yes! I *so* agree!

    69 is hugely distracting, in my experience. Taking turns, though? I’m 100% in favor of that! 🙂