TMI Tuesday: Happy New Year!

1. Daily rituals. Do you have any that you will abandon in the new year? Will you begin new daily rituals? If yes, what?
Hmmm…I’d like to abandon watching so much TV every night. I’d like to start a few new rituals, mainly getting some exercise in the mornings and doing some sort of cardio (swimming, walking, or bike riding for at least 30 minutes every night.

2. What significant relationship improved the most?
I don’t think any improved – I think they all stayed pretty much the same.

3. What relationship in your life deteriorated?
I don’t think any relationship really deteriorated last year.

4. What do you wish you had done more of in 2018? How do you plan on doing more of that in 2019?
Hmmm….I wish I had taken a few more vacations, and read more. I’ll be taking two vacations this year, to California and to Ireland, and I’ve decided that I need to read at least 20 books for the year.

5. What important person in your life needs more of your time? Will you give it?
I think the person in my life that needs more of my time is me. And I’ll try to give it to myself.

Bonus: How can you redesign your evenings to bring more restful “you” time to the end of your day?
I would like to add in a bit of meditation before bed – I think that will calm me down and make my nights a bit more restful.


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