Smut Marathon Round 1: Metaphorically Speaking

butterfly emerging from a chrysalis

©2017 Sammi Lou Thorne

This year, I entered the Smut Marathon. What a challenge it’s been! We’re on round 6 right now, and I’m excited to have made it this far. All of the prompts are interesting, and some are harder than others.

For the first round, our assignment was to write an erotic metaphor. The metaphor could only be one sentence, and no longer than 30 words. This is a lot harder than it sounds. First, you don’t want to do something trite or well-used. Second, it’s a lot easier to write a simile.

I struggled with this one, and finally came up with my entry. I’m still not sure if I like it or not, but I felt at the very least it got my feet wet writing for a prompt with a very low word count. Here is my metaphor, entitled “Metamorphosis”:

Every thrust of your cock changes me; my orgasm is a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, spreading its wings wide once released to fly with graceful wonder from my soul.

There were 75 entries for Round 1, and I know I had trouble picking which ones to vote for.  There was a lot of feedback, and it was constructive to read the comments for all of the entries to get tips on what worked and what didn’t. It was definitely a learning experience!

I was looking forward to the challenge that Round 2 would bring.

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