TMI Tuesday: Create A Story

Emil Orlík [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’d fuck Albert Einstein for his mind. I imagine we’d be sitting on the sofa, when he’d get an idea and his eyes would light up. He’d whisper sweet formulas in my ear, making me wet, and then he’d chase me down the hall and into the kitchen, both of us laughing and horny. With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, he’d grab the eggbeater and some olive oil and motion me to follow him. He wouldn’t be dragging me kicking and screaming – I’d be passionately curious to see what he was up to! We’d head to the bedroom, where I’d grab eight towels out of the closet to cover the bed. I’d marvel at his creativity and his tongue’s dexterity before we fucked each other silly, our bodies covered with oil, while the rain fell heavily outside. Lightning would light up our lovemaking, and the rolling thunder would sound like applause. As we came together, I’d finally understand how our mass and energy was related, and as I screamed he’d yell out “E = mc2!!” before we’d collapse in each other’s arms.

Relativity, indeed.


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4 Responses to TMI Tuesday: Create A Story

  1. Oh, very lovely story!

  2. Whispering sweet formulas huh?

    Reminds me of that note we used to pass in High School. I can’t write the formula here but the English translation was “Before I share root you are you over 16?”

    I wonder if that old chestnut still gets passed around?

  3. very nice sammi – come see what i wrote?