Wicked Wednesday: Memory Lane

Artwork depicting a woman having anal sex with a man.

Édouard-Henri Avril [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I sometimes like to reminisce of what’s gone on before,
To think back on the good and not the bad.
But always looking backwards doesn’t do me any good,
I can’t change what I have and haven’t had.

I’d rather start anew with you, with nothing on our slate
And write our story fresh and unrestrained.
We could begin at any point and journey to the end,
Our words criss-crossing, never feeling strained.

I don’t think that our time is short but we must make a play
Leave fear behind and grasp what could be ours.
Sometimes my love for you hurts so much I cry out in pain
I want to feel the comfort of your arms.

I want to fuck you senseless and see deep into your soul,
And show you that there’s nothing left to hide,
To give myself to you without reserve or second thoughts,
I want to feel you naked at my side.

We can create a memory to last ’til our last breaths,
One that we strengthen each and every day.
I could not love you more and want to spend my time with you,
There’s nothing more that I can do or say.


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7 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Memory Lane

  1. I like how you look forward rather than back

  2. Gorgeous heartfelt poem. I too wish I could start anew…. The image is intriguing too.

  3. Absolutely beautiful

  4. This is so gorgeous Sammi. Made me quite emotional x x

  5. This is wonderful. I especially like the second stanza and the idea of being able to start over and over, each time making the journey new.

  6. It’s beautiful to make memories together…

    Rebel xox

  7. Just lovely, Sammi