TMI Tuesday: Relationship

The Painting "Before Her Appearance" by Frederick Carl Frieseke 1913

Frederick Carl Frieseke [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Why would you go to a therapist?
a. You need support
b. You want to take responsibility for your life’s outcomes?
c. You need guidance and to be told what to do
I can’t imagine ever going to a therapist, but I guess if I did, it would be a – I need support.

2. Thinking of the main male lover in your life, what is sex for him:
a. stress relief, tension reliever
b. a way to show love
c. something exciting he likes to do
I think b – a way to show love.

3. Do you feel a partner is being invasive for wanting to know your plans and inner thoughts?
Not usually – I think you have to know your partner’s inner thoughts and plans (and often you do). If something’s bottled up and neither will talk about it, it just causes problems.

4. In your opinion, what is intimate sharing?
I think intimate sharing is telling (or showing) someone your hopes, dreams, and needs that are things you wouldn’t necessarily tell anyone else – things that are deeply personal to you and that few (if any) other people know.

5. Would you enjoy a weekend by yourself, without the company of your partner? Where would you go? What would you do?
I think a weekend alone can be good for everyone. I would go somewhere like the beach, with no phone and no computer – just me and a few books to read, and some sunscreen.

Bonus: Would you buy an outfit that you love, knowing that your partner will hate it? Then would you wear it as well?
How much hate are we talking here? I really can’t imagine picking out an outfit that he’d hate – although I suspect I wouldn’t really know. That’s one of those things that I don’t think he’d admit to, unless it was so over-the-top awful to him. If he actually spoke up and said he hated it, I might not buy it (and if I did, of course I’d wear it).



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