Wicked Wednesday: Foreigner

Cervelli painting of Orpheus and Euridice

Cervelli (Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

I want to travel far and wide – I’ve got the travel bug,
and learn to pack my bags up light so I have less to lug.

To journey from America, to go across the seas,
To visit foreign countries and immerse myself in these.

Of course I’d learn to speak a bit, I’d go without a care,
And no matter what would happen I would be so laissez faire.

I’d be a winsome stranger setting foot in a strange land,
I’d seek out love and enjoy life, I think it would be grand.

I’d start in Costa Rica, caliente and mojado,
and find you in a nightclub where we’d tango en la noche

You’d look into mis ojos and then you’d kiss me on the lips,
And then you’d place your dedos on my wild, gyrating hips.

We’d dance la jodienda and you’d say to me te amo,
And we would be amantes till my journey took me further.

We’d whisper adios between our hungry, parting besos,
I’d think about you fondly and I’d hope you also did so.

I’d travel next to Tokyo in the middle of Japan,
Where I would be a gaijin, a josei without a man.

In a busy izakaya I would feel your strong gyoushi,
And when our eyes would meet I’d feel you sweep me off my ashi.

We’d drink a little longer before heading to jitaku,
And we would kuso till yoake, maybe until yoru.

You’d tell me aishite imasu and to you I’d say dai suki desu,
Anata wa watashi no kokoro no yokkyuu desu

The next stop on my trip would be China, and Shanghai,
Experience the city life and say ni hao (or hi)

We’d run across each other on a fanmang de jie,
And it would not take long for us to go home and xìngjiao.

Your shou would feel my shenti and your mu would see my soul,
for a time your aiqíng fills the longing in my shenghuo.

You’d tell me that you loved me and I’d say wo ye ai ni
We’d fall asleep and for a time our love is meant to be.

I want to travel cross the world and fit in as I can,
A foreigner, I’d find a way to talk, to learn, to plan.

So many other countries that I’d want to see and do,
And in each place I’d find a love, but never quite like you.



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6 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Foreigner

  1. You are brilliant at writing poems and how you followed the prompt this week is just so cool!

    Rebel xox

  2. Wow! I’m amazed at your language skills – tell me you know Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese and didn’t just use google translate to learn some words and make them rhyme in a poem. Because that would be some next level cerebral awesomeness! 🙂

    • I know Spanish and Japanese well enough to have a passable conversation – I’m still learning basic Chinese (this year’s project) 🙂

  3. That’s just wonderful. Such a great poem incorporating the change in language. excellent