Wicked Wednesday: Saving A Horse


There’s a bar at the end of a dusty old road,
the sign lit in neon, but it reads like a code.
It once said “The Tanglefoot” in letters bright red,
but the color’s all bleached now, it’s weathered and dead.

I pull up my truck to a spot in the lot,
turn off the ignition, the engine is hot
And I’m horny and in need of a one-night-stand fuck,
hoping I’ll find it with a bit of good luck.

My boots crunch the gravel as I head to the door,
my jean skirt is tight and my nipples are sore.
My mouth is dry and I need a stiff drink.
Well, something stiff anyways, I chuckle and think.

I push in the door, and the light is so dim
I wonder if anyone here will be him.
The jukebox is playing some honky tonk sound
and no one is dancing, so I look around.

There’s a biker who sits at the end of the bar
drinking a beer, and smoke from his cigar
circles round his tattoo-covered arms and his head,
but his eyes when I look are flat, black, and dead.

Past him a blond cowboy leans on a stool,
his hat at an angle, and I want to drool.
I feel a spark as he looks in my eyes;
I’m drowning in depths of blue, to my surprise.

I can feel my wetness as I walk to the beat,
from my toes to my cunt to my throat there is heat.
He straightens and offers me the stool which I take,
his hand brushes my ass, and a slight moan I make.

He orders two beers and they come, cold and wet;
we clink the tops softly and toast that we met.
I take a long pull and I rise from my seat,
our fingers entwined as we both move our feet.

Once out by my truck he turns me around,
Against the cold metal my lips, parted, are found.
And we kiss, our tongues questing as our lips lock,
His hand up my skirt and my hand on his cock.

I’d originally thought that we’d drive to my place
but I don’t think we’d make it; in his rugged face
I see too much desire as I slip to my knees
in the gravel, and lick his shaft as a tease.

He pulls me upright and lifts up my leg,
Slides his fingers in deep and I start to beg
“Fuck me” I whisper, and then his fingertips
come up softly and press on my lips.

He turns me around, lifts my skirt, feels my flesh,
and I gasp as he enters me, deep, oh yes,
His thrusts push me into the side of the truck,
And there in the parking lot we crazily fuck.

We stop long enough to climb into the bed,
and he lies on his back, hands behind his head
I don’t bind him with rope, as there isn’t a need,
I ride him slowly then faster, my hard, throbbing steed.

I ride harder, and faster, my breasts sway to and fro
and he moans and thrusts up into me from below.
We com under the stars, in the dark parking lot,
Then we lie for a bit, all sweaty and hot.

He strokes my hair and I give him a kiss,
Then he stands and zips up and his look says he’ll miss
doing this again; he hops from the truck
He blows me a kiss, I say “thanks for the fuck.”

I watch till he goes back inside of the bar
And I hop in the driver’s seat, then close the door.
I smile as I drive away down the old road,
I saved one horse, and I lightened my load.



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3 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Saving A Horse

  1. This is too cute. I, for some reason, couldn’t get “The Night Before Christmas” out of my head. And that last little line was great, too. Riding cowboys saves a lot of horses, I suppose. This was a fun read.

  2. Wonderful!!!
    I love the line “from my toes to my . . . ”
    Very naughty, very hot!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. I absolutely love this poem!

    Rebel xox