TMI Tuesday: A Little Something For Your Pleasure

Jacques-Louis David [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Jacques-Louis David [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Have you ever had an orgasm at work? How? Tell us the circumstances.
Actually, yes. I will just say that involved a closed door, a slow day, and a very horny me.

2. Do you ever fantasize about your significant other while you are at work?
Yes, quite a bit.

3. How old was the oldest person with whom you’ve had sex.
Hmmm…the oldest person I’ve had sex with is 48. The oldest person I’ve had sex with (in relation to how much older than me he was) was 9 years older than me. And no, I won’t tell you how old I was at the time.

4. Have you ever fallen asleep during sex?
Once that I recall. It was a combination of being tired and having had way too much to drink.

5. Have you ever cross-dressed or worn undergarments of the opposite sex?
Cross-dressed, no. I do have a few pairs of men’s boxers that I wear for pajamas sometimes – I’ve sewn the fly up – and they’re comfy to lounge around in. Plus, they come in such cute patterns.

Bonus: You have the power to banish one person from earth, who would you banish?
Wow – that’s a tough one. There’s a few politicians I can think of that would be nice to banish…I’m not sure I can really narrow it down.

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