TMI Tuesday: 3’s A Charm

1. You are interviewing someone to be your lover, what are the 3 most important questions you will ask?
1. How do you like to be pleased, and how would you please me?
2. What will you not do, sexually and otherwise?
3. What makes you laugh?

2. You are interviewing people to be your personal servant/valet. What are the 3 most important questions you will ask?
1. What three things must you have to be happy with your job?
2. What do you most desire?
3. What would you not do for me?

3. You are selecting a pet for you or your family. What are the 3 most important criteria?
1. What kind of animal it is
2. How friendly/social it is
3. How much exercise it needs.

4. Name 3 good things you did yesterday.
1. I went shopping.
2. I made someone smile.
3. I paid bills.

5. Name 3 bad things you ate yesterday.
1. Sugared pecans
2. Craisins
3. Diet Shasta

Bonus: It is said that bad these happen in threes. What was your last episode of 3 bad things?
Well, let’s see…a close relative lost a finger, I had surgery, and then a close relative died. That would be the most recent group of three that I can think of.

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