Wicked Wednesday: Fairytales

apple1 Once upon a time….for all fairytales begin this way….a woman blossomed out of innocence…her sexuality awakened…and things were good for a time…but when temptation came, and she was offered the apple, she considered it, and then bit….and chewed its flesh as its juices ran down her chin and onto her breasts…down to mingle with her own sweetness within…she collapsed into sleep, the apple’s flesh still on her tongue, the juices drying on her skin….hoping to be awakened by the one she loved….the one she desired above all others…who would lick the sweetness from within her and from her skin… and smother her in kisses….before that final kiss that would bring her back to life….and fire her love anew…..

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7 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Fairytales

  1. The juice from the apple is very erotic.

  2. I can just picture that apple juice running down, down, down … Lovely imagery and a great take on this week’s prompt. Jane xxx

  3. ‘lick the sweetness from within her’ what a great visual image….


  4. I absolutely love your take on the prompt and writing a modern day fairytale with it 🙂

    Rebel xox