Wicked Wednesday: Bad Sex

Bad sex….too fast….too slow….too short….too long….bad sex is not defined by these, but rather by the mood, the feelings….if the body responds but the mind wanders….if the heart isn’t in it…..then the sure hand is no better than the clumsy one….and the orgasm doesn’t always make up for the distraction….although it tries to….and sometimes succeeds….


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6 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Bad Sex

  1. It is more than just bad moves that make for bad sex and there are times when even the best of men isn’t able to get you into the right mood or headspace.


  2. Distracted sex certainly can be unfulfilling. Better than no sex on occasion but at least in my case has caused a problem from time to time.

  3. This is so true. Bad Sex is as much a state of mind as it is a lack of ability on the part of the person you’re having sex with or any lack of chemistry between you.

    Katie xx

  4. Some interesting words here from you, some very true ones!

    Rebel xox