Kink Of The Week: Blindfolds

Paul Delaroche [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Paul Delaroche [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It was quite a while into our relationship when we first used a blindfold. It was actually a sash from my bathrobe at the time: silky, wide, and not exactly opaque. We were playing around when my partner pulled it from my robe, which was lying at the end of the bed, and wrapped it around my head and over my eyes. I could kind of see through it, but through two layers all I could really distinguish were shapes, and I was a lot more focused on what he was doing, and savoring his trail of kisses from my neck to my clit.

I like using blindfolds, whether or not we’re using any other kind of bondage. Having no sight makes me focus on other sensations and heightens them for me: the caress of a finger or flogger tracing down my skin or his tongue in my mouth floods me with arousal. When he sucks on my breasts or my clit, it’s more intense, even than when I’m looking in his eyes. Sounds are amplified as well – being unable to see makes me tingle in anticipation of what’s to come. Or in my case, cum. Blindfolds are effective when he’s using the flogger, crop, or just spanking me as well, as I don’t know when the next strike will fall, and this amplifies the pain even though he’s not striking me harder than usual.

We don’t use blindfolds all the time, but they are a sensation enhancement when we do. Even though we still use things like scarves and sashes, I have actual blindfolds now. All of the ones we use are comfortable. There’s nothing worse for me than to be focusing on something rubbing on my eyelids and hurting my eyes instead of paying attention to the rest of my body and what delights my partner will inflict on it.


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