Kink of the Week: Canes

Image: Buttocks After Caning in the Public Domain

Image: Buttocks After Caning in the Public Domain

I’ve never been caned. Spanked? Yes. Paddled? Yes. Had a crop turn my ass red? Fuckin’ a right. But a cane is something I’ve never tried.

We have no friends that are in any way into the scene, and there aren’t any groups nearby, so a lot of our BDSM exposure and kink exploration has come from watching videos and getting ideas (usually from I’ve seen a lot of caning on their site – on hands, feet, legs, and ass – and it looks more painful than anything I’ve done.

Now, I like a bit of pain. I like to feel the sting of my partner’s hand as it slaps my ass, the intense bursts  of sharp pain that the crop provides, and the way my skin heats up after each blow. I love to look in the mirror when we’re done and see the redness, and sometimes the marks, that are left on my skin.  Sometimes the marks last for hours, which isn’t so much a result of damage and excessive force as it is the result of being off my allergy drug for too long. And yes, sometimes I specifically don’t take it for a day beforehand to really make the marks last. But there’s something about caning that makes me leery to try it.

Quite honestly, it looks like it hurts. A lot. And I don’t know if I can handle that much pain.  I’m not sure if I want raised welts or  have blood drawn. The idea is exciting, but I’m afraid the pain may be too much for me to handle.

But who knows? Maybe one of these days we’ll give it a try. I’ll try almost anything once.

2 responses to “Kink of the Week: Canes

  1. Thank you for joining the KOTW! I love seeing new blogs here. 🙂

    As with any implement, canes can be used lightly or hard, and the key is to work your way into finding what works for you (and having a partner willing to go slow as you both explore your reactions.) My own post on the topic talks about one way to do this.

  2. I think pain is relative and if your partner can use the cane in a way that explores your pain threshold then I would recommend it. For me I have a love/hate relationship with the cane but secretly it is mainly love but that is because I love the welts and bruises.