My Kinda Lover

We’re finally into true summer now, and the days are hot!  This month, as part of the Cal Exotics Sexpert program, I was able to see if I could make my nights hot as well, with the product I received free for an honest review from the Body & Soul line – the Rechargeable Lover vibrator.

The Lover comes in a cardboard box, with a picture on the front and product information on the back.  Inside the box are the Lover, sealed in a bubbly plastic, and the USB charging cord.

This Lover comes in purple and black, and I received the black one to review. This is a rabbit vibrator, although smaller than the ones you usually see. Its diameter is just 1 1/4″ at the widest point, with an insertable length of 4.25 inches. The toy is 8” long overall.

The shaft and clitoral arm are made of silicone, and it’s smooth and soft to the touch, with just a bit of give to the material. Swirls and designs run down the sides – these are mostly aesthetic and don’t add sensation during use.  The shaft has three bulges, each slightly larger, and the two shaft motors (yes, two!) are located in the tip and the next bulge.  The shaft doesn’t rotate, but it does deliver strong vibrations, and it’s flexible to a degree between the motors.

The clitoral arm also has a bullet – although it can’t be controlled separately. This arm is about 1 3/4″ long along the upper curve, and has a 1” diameter. The top has a raised bump so you can nestle against you, and the tip is super flexible and much thinner to carry vibrations.

The Lover’s control buttons are on the front of the base. The bottom button is an on/off button, and the top button cycles through the patterns. Pressing the on/off button once turns the Lover on and starts it on the first pattern, which is a moderate vibration in all 3 motors. Each press of the button cycles through the following patterns:

  • moderate vibration in all 3 motors
  • high vibration in all 3 motors
  • pulse cycle through the three motors (one at a time)
  • long, waving pulses
  • 4 short pulses through each motor separately
  • pulses that alternate between one and/or both motors, and the clitoral arm (pattern varies nicely)
  • 3 short pulses in all 3 motors together

The Lover will cycle through the levels until the on/off button is pressed, and it always starts on the first, moderate setting. The 3 LED lights flash and match the vibration or pattern the Lover is on. Each button is easy to press, but not so easy that you’ll be likely to change settings or turn the toy off during use. It’s also not too loud and somewhat melodic – blankets or some background music will disguise the fact that your Lover’s on.  This rabbit is waterproof, so you can have some fun in the tub with your Lover as well.

I love USB charging toys, and wish this was an option on more.  The charger is connected to the back of the Lover’s base by magnets, and it’s easy to attach correctly. The cord can be plugged into the computer USB (2.0) port, or into a plug adapter so you can charge it via wall socket. A full charge takes about 8 hours, and the three lights on the front of the base will flash on and off while charging takes place. Once fully charged, the lights will glow solid red. Once charged, the Lover will run for about 1 1/2 hours on high, or 3 hours on low (and somewhere in between for everything else).

Like most silicone toys, the Lover is easy to clean with soap and water or a favorite toy cleaner.  Water-based lubes are recommended, but if you want to use silicone lube, do a spot test on the back to make sure it’ll be compatible.

So, Did It Work? I really like this rabbit.  It’s quiet, the vibrations are decently strong, and the clit arm works for me. I also love that it charges via usb and holds a charge for a reasonable time. What really makes it stand out, though, are the patterns. I’ve never had a vibrator with multiple shaft motors where the vibrations alternate between them, and the sixth pattern on the Lover, where the motors turn on and off in a random pattern, was incredible. The placement of the motors worked well for me, and the pulsings were enough to get me to orgasm. I liked all the pulsing patterns on this one, but it’s that sixth one that gets me every time – I absolutely love it!

The Lover is a great rabbit that I’d recommend, particularly if you enjoy internal patterns and you don’t need constant strong vibration on your clit when using them  (you’ll get that on the steady settings).

Thank you to Cal Exotics for sending me the Body & Soul Lover for free to review as part of their Sexpert program!

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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