I Would. Would You?

What would you do for money? Not for a few hundred dollars, but for lots of money – say millions of dollars. If you were offered such an amount to go through slave training and serve a year for a master, would you go for it, knowing you’d need to leave your current life behind, or would you walk away? Would the money be your only motivation, or deep down, would you yearn for the experience? What limits do you have?  These are some of the questions explored in I. M. Telling’s new book, The Slave Factory, and the author provided me a copy of this book for free in exchange for this review.

The Slave Factory was written in 2013, and it’s 312 pages. The book includes a section about the author as well as a bibliography listing his previous titles.  This is the story of strangers whose lives become interconnected when they choose to become part of Per il piacere del Maestro and enter the Slave Factory, where they’ll learn their limits and what it takes to succeed.

At the beginning we meet Tonya, a woman in her early twenties who’s at a bar with James, the father of a college friend and her sometime lover. She asks him about the Slave Factory, which some friends mentioned to her a few weeks before. As James tells her a bit about the company that matches up willing slaves with people who want to own them for a price, Tonya is intrigued by the idea of giving up control as well as the amount of money James mentions.  When she gets a call a week later about her interest in the Slave Factory and then receives a package with money, instructions, and a ticket to Baltimore, she goes, knowing that if she’s selected she’ll leave her old life behind.

Twenty candidates are interviewed in Baltimore, and six are chosen: Tonya; Jim and Sheila, a swinging couple; Anne, a paid domme who preferred being a top; Bruce, a cross-dressing gay man; and Jerome, a hung black man who has more to offer than just a big package. They travel to New York City and then to Connecticut, where they find themselves at The Academy.

Head Master Fitzpatrick runs The Academy. Following an introduction in his study, the candidates are told about their training and schedule. Fitzpatrick makes them two promises: “You will thank God you were selected for this someday in the future…[and] for the next few months you will walk through Hell.”

What follows are the days and nights in The Academy, as the group learns the rules, protocols, and regulations of the house, and what it means to submit and be a proper slave before they go up for auction, where they may or may not be sold.

I really enjoyed this book, and would recommend it. You’ll certainly wonder if you’d participate if given the opportunity. There’s plenty of excitement here with the training the slaves go through, and plenty of sexual encounters as well, including some between unlikely partners. The auction is exciting, and leaves you wanting to read more about what happens to the slaves that are purchased during their year of service. Happily, there will be a sequel!

Thank you to I. M. Telling for providing me with a copy of this book for free to review!  You can find more information on The Slave Factory on the author’s website, and links to how you can purchase a copy at Amazon, the iTunes Store, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers in several formats.

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