Bunny, Bullet, Battery, Babelube : Blast!

Kits can be a lot of fun, particularly when they’re small in size and big in function. They’re great to travel with or toss in your purse for when the moment is right. I loved the name of this kit, so I had to request it this month from Babeland.com to review.

The Orgasm in a Box for Her contains an assortment of products to use for an orgasmic experience. The Box is small at 4”x4”, and it’s white with a pink cardboard “ribbon” around it. and Inside, wrapped in pink tissue paper, is everything you’ll need to add some spice to your night (your contents may vary slightly): a Babeland branded bullet vibrator, bullet sleeve, 2 AA batteries, and 4 small samples of lubricant.

The bullet vibrator is black, and stamped with Babeland’s logo on the front. It’s a standard corded silver bullet, with 30” cord. The controller has a heart slider to control the intensity. The battery compartment lid is hinged to the toy, and the compartment holds 2 AA batteries, with the direction clearly labeled. The vibrations are fairly strong and buzzy. It’s a bit loud, but no one will hear it if you’ve got some music on. The batteries are included in the box, so you don’t have to hunt around for any. It’s easy to clean with some soap and water, but be careful not to get water in the bullet end or on the battery pack, as this isn’t waterproof.

To go with the bullet is a bunny sleeve. The sleeve is purple, and made of skin safe elastomer. It’s a bit squishy but not too tacky, and it’s also odorless and phthalates-free. The bunny is about 3 1/2″ long, with separated ears to tease and tickle your clit. The sleeve is easy to place on the bullet and also to remove, and it transmits the bullet vibrations into the ears and head effectively, particularly on high. They really move about, and are a lot of fun. This sleeve is easy to clean with soap and water.

The included blister packs contain BabeLube, a waterbased lubricant that’s non-irritating and slick without being sticky. These packets can be used with the bullet and bunny, or you can use them in other ways with your partner.

So, Did It Work? This is a simple, yet fun kit, and I love that the batteries are included. I’ve found that keeping a bullet vibe handy is always a good plan, and this bullet is strong enough to get me to orgasm, although it takes me a while. I love the bunny sleeve! The ears really get going, and they don’t stop dead when you apply pressure but instead continue to flick about. I didn’t find I really needed the lubricant with the bullet, but I used it with my husband and it worked well and lasted a decent amount of time. I thought it tasted a bit bitter, but my husband didn’t particularly notice. This is a great kit for a gift, and also great to have stashed away for yourself.

Thank you to Babeland.com for sending this to me for free to review! If you’d like to get your own Orgasm in a Box, you can pick one up at Babeland.com by clicking on the button below.

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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