You’ll Find a Cove for This Pirate Vibe!

There’s just something about pirates that oozes sex, whether on the screen or in books, and makes pirate themed toys appealing.  It’s also fun to play dress up in a wench outfit with my partner and get into the whole scene.  While I still haven’t seen Digital Playground’s Pirates, I have tried several of their themed toys, including the Pirates Pendant Vibrator and Katsuni’s Revenge of the Sea.    Janine’s Pirate’s Cove vibrator looked like it would be another fun one, so I was happy to receive this from to review.

Janine’s Pirate’s Cove vibrator comes in a in a clear plastic box attached to a large plastic background.  A picture of Janine from the movie Pirates is on the background on the front, while the back contains some product info and suggestions for other Pirates-themed toys.  Inside the box is the vibrator and a black satin drawstring bag (lined in pink) for storage.
This is a traditional vibrator.  It looks saucy and ribald inside the box, and even more fun when you’ve got it in your hand.   It’s substantial, and at 8” long with 6 1/2″ insertable, weighs more than it appears to.  It’s also wider than many traditional vibrators.  The tapered tip widens to 1 1/4″ before filling out to about 1 1/2″ towards the base.  The tip has a dimple on the top, but it doesn’t affect the use.  This vibrator is meant for clitoral stimulation or vaginal insertion, but it shouldn’t be used anally due to the lack of a flared base.
The surface of the Pirate’s Cove is velvety smooth, with no drag.  All over the shaft, with the exception of the tip, are pirate-themed designs reminiscent of tattoos: flowers, skull and crossbones, fish, swords, stars, and anchors.  These designs are all fun and bright, and aren’t raised from the surface.
The base of this vibrator is black, decorated with 2 rows of clear rhinestones.   It unscrews to reveal the battery compartment, which holds 2 C (yes, C) batteries.  Battery direction is labeled with a piece of paper inside the compartment.  While this paper can be removed, I’d advise against it – it helps keep the batteries from rattling and dampens the noise.  An O-ring is present under the threads, but the box advises that this toy is splashproof and not waterproof.
The bottom of the base is rounded, and a clear button with the number 5 is in the center.  This button allows you to cycle through the five functions of the Pirate’s Cove, and also turns it off.  The functions for this vibrator are:
       low and steady
       medium and steady
       high and steady
       fast pulses
       2 short and 1 long pulse (repeats)
The vibrations are strongest in the tip, but they can be felt nicely down the shaft.  They’re more throbby than buzzy and feel good.  This vibrator is not terribly loud when used internally.
The Pirate’s Cove is made of ABS plastic, so it’s phthalates-free and easy to clean.  It should  be washed both before and after use with antibacterial soap and water and dried with a soft towel.  It is splashproof, but care should be taken not to submerge this vibrator so water doesn’t get into the battery compartment.  Water-based and silicone lubricants are both safe to use, although you won’t need a lot to get this one slick and ready to insert.  After use, this vibe can be stored in the provided pouch.
So, Did It Work?  Overall, I like the Pirate’s Cove.  While the C batteries don’t give it quite the punch I was expecting, they do provide enough power that I can have an orgasm.  The taper of the tip works well for clitoral stimulation, and I like using this internally because the vibrations are throbby.  I like how this has five different settings (although I could do with just the high and steady and the patterns) and the patterns make this fun to use.    Plus, I love the look of this toy and the size of it for a traditional vibrator.
The button on the bottom is a bit too easy to press for me if I really get going, and I have to remember to keep my hands on the side of the base.  My husband had this problem too, as his palm kept hitting the button when he’d thrust this into me.  Sometimes surprise pattern and intensity changes can be fun, but if I’m anywhere close to orgasm, I prefer them to stay the same (usually on the high vibration setting).   As long as we remembered to keep fingers and palms away from the bottom, we didn’t have too much trouble.
I do wish that this was waterproof, and it seems that pirate toys should be.  I’d love to take this in the tub, but it’d end up in Davy Jones’s locker and I’d be unhappy.
Thank you to for sending this to me for free to review!  If you like pirates and would like to give the Pirate’s Cove a shot, you can get yours at

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review.  This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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