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Charge up the Dildos

Yesterday I read an interesting article here about the worst things to charge on your credit cards. Apparently some purchase you charge to your favorite plastic accessory “…can make you look desperate, unstable, or like you’re looking for an escape from financial worries.”

Included in this list are things like marriage counseling (unstable), cash advances and lottery tickets (desperate), traffic tickets (broke), and alcohol (escaping). Personal pampering products weigh in at #6 (escaping), but what amazed me was #1. – adult toys.

Adult toys? Really? I don’t think they make me unstable (unless I’m fucking standing up and lose my balance). I’ve never thought buying (much less using) adult toys made me desperate. And I buy a lot of sex toys : vibrators, dildos, bullets, and bondage gear. And a lot of other things. It’s not that I don’t have a lot of sex – I do. I buy them as an accompaniment for sex. Could I do without them? Yep. Do I want to? Nope. Are new toys fun? You bet.

I don’t think they help me escape from financial worries either. I’ll admit that when I’m having an orgasm, the last thing on my mind is the bills, but I don’t think they are a particular escape from financial worries. Especially when I think about how much I spent on sex toys for the month. Hmm. Maybe then I use them as an escape to keep from thinking how much I spent on my last order …

The article talks about not using a credit card at Wal-mart or a dollar store as well. Think about it – millions of Americans use credit cards at Wal-mart. There’s many reasons why people shop there – good prices, everything in one location, and even that it’s the only store in town. And a dollar store? I can spend a lot at the dollar store. I’m not desperate when I shop there, but the money I save can help me buy more dildos.

I guess I’ve been flagged as desperate and unstable. Oh, well. I’m off to play with the new toy that arrived today and escape worrying about what the credit card company thinks…