TMI Tuesday: The Dating Game (and boy is it ever!)

domjisch from Graz, Austria [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Consider your current lover and your relationship as it stands. If this person were on a dating app would you swipe left or swipe right?
I’m assuming one is good and one is bad, but I’ll show my ignorance here. I’d swipe the way that would mean I liked them.

2. Have you ever done speed dating? Did you like it? Did you get a real or full date out of it?
I’ve seen it on TV, but I’ve never done it. It looks like an interesting way to meet people, but I’m really not sure how successful it is.

3. If your date texts during a date, do you find it annoying? If yes, do you say something about it?
I think it would depend on what they were texting. For example, if I was single and they were single with kids, it wouldn’t bother me if the sitter was texting or the kids were texting.

4. How do you like to arrange dates–with an actual phone call or all via text messages?
I think a phone call is much more personal, so I’d pick the phone.

5. For a first date, which do you prefer–drink date or dinner date?
I think a dinner date is a much better option. Meeting for drinks can be nice, but dinner, and being sober, is a better way to get to know someone.

Bonus: Have you ever been a cockblocker? Why did you do this?
No. At least, I don’t know if I ever have been!

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3 responses to “TMI Tuesday: The Dating Game (and boy is it ever!)

  1. oops – I misread what you originally said, sorry.

  2. Re #3 – dating a married person? you wouldn’t care?
    (no judgement, just interested)