Wicked Wednesday: Before & After

Salvador Viniegra [Public domain]

Before I met you I was lost,
I couldn’t find my way.
I stumbled back and forth, confused,
both every night and day.

I was never satisfied
and I felt deep despair,
for what my life was, all alone
Just visions in the air.

The day you fell into my life
was one I won’t forget,
For I was on the verge of dying
on the parapet.

You touched my soul and pulled me back
and smothered me with love.
And every day since I met you
I thank the Lord above.

After you rescued me I felt
uplifted, calm, and free.
I pray that you will always spend
all of your days with me.


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2 responses to “Wicked Wednesday: Before & After

  1. Oh this is lovely, and I have similar sentiments for my own before and after.

  2. Beautiful, Sammi!

    Rebel xox