TMI Tuesday: Night Time Is The Right Time


Henry Fuseli [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Fill in the blank

1. When I can’t sleep I read a book or watch some tv. Or masturbate.  All are good.

2. My dream bedroom would be full of blankets and pillows.  Wall to wall softness that I could bounce around in or sleep in.

3. If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would be in Costa Rica on the beach.

4. I need to masturbate at night.

5. Having to work at my current job for 10 more years would truly be a nightmare.

6. Night time is the right time to get sexy and have hardcore, raucous sex.

Bonus: Briefly tell us about your last dream–erotic or not.
I dream a lot.  I don’t always remember my dreams – usually the ones I remember are nightmares, and some of them are so bad that I become lucid in my dream and know I have to wake up, and I literally claw my way awake. That can be truly frightening. It’s been quite a while since I woke to something memorable, and I just can’t remember what my last dream was about.


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