Wicked Wednesday: Educate

painting of a man and woman having sex

By Gare DeSad (“Fill in”) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Let me educate you on what I want you to do,
I’ll strip down naked for you and give myself all to you.
You need to take me in your arms and let your fingers wander,
And squeeze my ass and kiss me deep, of you I have grown fonder.

Now pull my hair and tip my head back, kiss me on the throat,
You’ll feel my heart beat strongly, as my passion it denotes.
My legs are spread, I want to feel your fingers deep inside,
My clit is hard and aching, and my eyes are open wide.

I’ll lead you to the bed and lie back on the duvet cover,
So you can get between my legs and tongue me like no other.
I like to feel your tongue caress  and lick at my hard clit,
And then I want for you to suck it gently, just a bit.

You make me cum quite easily, and I cry out in joy,
And when I’m done, for now, I’ll try my best not to be coy.
I really want for you to pull me to the mattress edge,
And tease me with your cock which feels like a rock hard sledge.

Now drive your thick cock into me, and fuck me slow and hard,
I’m horny as can be and there is nothing I have barred.
Now fuck me faster, faster still, and fuck me long and deep,
And come with me, together, we’ll collapse into a heap.

If you can learn the way I like to make love every night,
I will surrender to you without struggle or a fight.
I’m not only a teacher but I am a student too,
So teach me what you enjoy and want me to do to you.

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2 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Educate

  1. Sammi, I know I have said this many times before, but I really enjoy your poems!

    Rebel xox