Wicked Wednesday: Recreate

Painting of a man and woman having sex

By Gare DeSad (“Astronauts”) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If I could only recreate the good times in my past,
I’d start with when I knew for sure my love for you would last.
I’d learn to be forgiving, and to bare my soul to you,
I’d try to keep our arguments, so petty, to a few.

If I could somehow recreate the love I used to feel,
I’d choose to hold on tightly and use all my love to heal
The pain that I have made you feel, I’d wish it all away,
And hope you understood the anguish that led me astray.

If I could change the choices that I did, and didn’t make,
I’d be more brave and daring, I would bend but I’d not break.
I’d take a chance and change my life, and follow what my heart
Knew what I wanted, be it us together or apart.

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One Response to Wicked Wednesday: Recreate

  1. There’s a tinge of sadness to this poem. If only we could go back and undo some things in the past… and make them better.

    Rebel xox