Wicked Wednesday: Interest

Painting of Mary Magdalene in the Cave

[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

What is it that I have that sparks your interest in me?
My long blonde hair so shiny that falls down below my knee?
My eyes so blue that twinkle, full of naughty merry fun?
Or is it my complexion that’s so pale that it needs sun?

What is it that I do that sparks your interest in me?
Is it the way I look at you that everyone can see?
Or do you find the way I smile fills you with deep desire?
Or maybe it’s the way I walk that sets your soul afire?

What is it that I say that sparks your interest in me?
Do words of love I speak aloud create reality?
Or is it what I whisper when my lips caress your ear?
The naughty things I’ll do to you whenever you are near?

It must be all a mixture of these things that draws you in,
And I will hold you close and run my fingers on your skin.
My interest is as strong as yours and it will always be,
I want to keep you here with me for all eternity.

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3 responses to “Wicked Wednesday: Interest

  1. Lovely poem!

    Rebel xox

  2. Beautiful words and image