Wicked Wednesday: Driving Lessons

I’ve never driven a stick shift. Can you help me?

I’ve put the key in the ignition, and my foot is on the clutch.

I’ll turn the key slowly, and let the motor purr.

The knob of the gear lever is hard and fills my hand.

I run my fingers over its smooth surface before cupping it in my palm.

Are you cold? I thought I saw you shiver.

I gently shift the lever into first and ease up on the clutch while pressing on the accelerator.

The engine revs and we glide forward slowly.

I feel your hand on mine, wanting to change gears, but I forget to press the clutch in and we jerk to a stop.

Your hand caresses my thigh, and my engine is as warm and ready as the cars.

Will you let me take you for a drive?

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3 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Driving Lessons

  1. This sounds like a fun kind of driving!

  2. It seems like there’s more than one kind of driving going on here 😉

    Rebel xox