TMI Tuesday: Fun Fill-Ins

Photo of an old-fashioned orange alarm clock ringing

By Alan Cleaver (originally posted to Flickr as Alarm Clock 3) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Fill in the blank. Have fun, be creative.

1. Booty call.

2. Give it to me baby.

3. Hard sex and orgasms.

4. Sex bloggers are awesomely cool.

5. I really need to have more sex.

6. You should be tied up and waiting for me when I get home.

7. I have never been able to stop playing FarmVille long enough.

8. Do you wanna have some champagne and a bubble bath?

9. My dogs get mad at me for sleeping in and missing their feeding time.

10. When my alarm clock goes off, I hit snooze and try to power sleep for 9 more minutes…or 18…or 27….you get the idea.

11. I look forward to summer vacation this year.

12. The Hitachi Magic Wand is one of my favorite toys.


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One Response to TMI Tuesday: Fun Fill-Ins

  1. I feed the dog at night. All she gets in the morning is a jerky treat.