Wicked Wednesday: Rainbow

My lips so red and ripe
Urging you to take a bite
and make me squeal with delight.

The warm glow of my skin
Orange from the light of the fire
Wrapped around my desire.

The yellow highlights in my hair
Kissed gently by the sun
Intermingled with the dun.

My eyes so green like jade
Fine and vibrant as you gaze
They flash and blaze.

The tattoo of roses
On my ankle in blue
Whispers loveliness to you.

The blood runs through my veins
Indigo under my skin
I want to let you in.

My scent drives you wild
Like violets in the field
To you I will yield.

I am a rainbow for you to explore.


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One Response to Wicked Wednesday: Rainbow

  1. I love how you have used all the colors in this lovely poem.

    Rebel xox