Wicked Wednesday: The Ex

the Greek Polyenos and the Trojan Chryseis having sex

Polyenos and Chyseis (Public Domain) via Wikimedia Commons

You are out of my life,
forever I think,
although not out of my head.

I think about you sometimes
and what we had
and lost.

A chance encounter after all these years
and I weaken,
follow you home.

You kiss my lips,
and my mind recoils at your touch
But my flesh hot and desiring of your fingers tracing the goosebumps on my skin.

You know how to touch me
To move me
To make me wet and wanting you.

I raise my leg, resting it on the chair
and your fingers circle my clit before
sliding quickly into me.

Your lips on my nipples
make me gasp
and take leave of my senses.

You throw me to the bed and drive hard into me,
my hips thrusting back at you
as I bite my lip.

Your tongue licks away the spot of blood
and you make me cum
screaming your name.

I collapse in your arms, and
when your breathing slows and you are asleep
I slide carefully from your embrace
and dress and leave.

I look at you one last time,
wishing I could stay
but knowing I must go.

We aren’t good for each other.


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2 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: The Ex

  1. I love the way the structure to the poem adds to the imagery. Everything comes moves together and separates again, like the mental struggle I often face with wanting to reconnect with past friends or lovers while knowing I should not.

    Thank you for the beauty of your work.

  2. Sometimes it indeed is better to leave.
    Nice poem!

    Rebel xox