TMI Tuesday: Sexy Specifics

An alchemist being tempted by Luxuria - oil painting after ma wellcome

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1. What do you find sexiest in a woman?
I think her confidence and her smile. A confident woman is always sexy.

2. What do you find least sexy in a man?
Hmmm…crass behavior and general rudeness.

3. Have you ever been the other woman or man? Would you do it again?
I’ve never been the other woman.

4. Who puts more into a romantic relationship you or your significant other?
I think I do, a little bit.

5. Do you have a “work wife” or “office husband”?
I had never heard this term before – I have good, and what I’d consider close working relationships at my job, but no one I’d consider a work wife or work husband.

Bonus: Are you in a healthy relationship? What makes you think so?
I would say yes. I can’t think of too many unhealthy things in it.

Bonus, bonus: Is the “work spouse” strictly a U.S. American anomaly (they do spend an insane amount of hours at work)? One study found 32% of Americans admitted to having a work spouse.
Well, that’s a good question. I think there are other countries where people spend ridiculous amounts of time at work – and I would imagine, if I understand the definition right, that these countries have “work spouses” as well.


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One Response to TMI Tuesday: Sexy Specifics

  1. You’re 100% correct on Q1, and I suspect the same is true for what most women find sexiest about a man. It’s a common human trait I suspect.