Wicked Wednesday: Page 69

lexander Skarsgard wearing sunglasses

By Nick Step (Alexander Skarsgard) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

”The beautiful young man took me completely by surprise.”
– Charlaine Harris, Dead Until Dark

The beautiful young man took me completely by surprise
He appeared out of nowhere in the dark and dusky room
And my breath quickened, drawing him closer,
He held out his arms and I swooned.
My neck arched and lengthened,
The beating of my heart pulsed through my veins.
His eyes held mine, hypnotizing me
Until he lowered his head to drink
His fangs piercing my skin and making me gasp
As I gave myself up to him.


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3 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Page 69

  1. Wow it’s amazing how you created such a story in so few words! I really loved the ending too.
    Aurora x

  2. I do love beautiful young men taking me by surprise. Wish it was an option these days…
    Great quote, cleverly responded to..
    Indie x

  3. Oh I love the surprise at the end. So little words and such a strong story! Love it!

    Rebel xox