TMI Tuesday: Look Inside

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By Onlysilence (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. How much time do you spend taking care of your significant other:
a. More than taking care of myself, more than 60% of my time.
b. About 50% of my time.
c. 10% to 49% … I have kids!
d. Not really any time at all, definitely less than 10% of my time.
Hmmm…I think that’s easily c).

2. How do you sleep at night?
a. With the whole bed to my myself…yaay!
b. I stay on my own side, someone else on other side.
c. We snuggle–start that way or end up that way.
d. We do not sleep together.
b). Although sometimes I don’t quite get my whole side.

3. What happens when you or your significant other gets home from work?
a. Stop what you are doing to greet and hug each other
b. Engage in conversation about the day
c. No specific acknowledgement of each other, no specific welcoming gesture but go about a household routine
d. Ignore each other
Usually a combination of a) and b).

4. How many things about yourself would you change? Share 3 things and tell us why.
That’s a tough one. I would change my height – I’d love to be taller than I am. I’d change my weight/bone structure to be smaller and thinner. And I think lastly I’d change my willpower, so I could stick to what I want to do.

Bonus: How many things would you change about a current significant other.
Hmmm…there are just two that come to mind.


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One Response to TMI Tuesday: Look Inside

  1. Yeah, willpower is always the kicker!