TMI Tuesday: Sex On The Brain

Berlin sex xhop picture with lit Sex sign in window and toys

By Matt RF Webb (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Is a weird “sex face/orgasm face” a total deal-breaker?
No, not at all. I know my orgasm face is probably pretty weird, so as long as there’s a genuine face, all is good.

2. Do you enjoy having your balls played with (or playing with balls)?
I like to play with them, yes. Especially when giving a blow job.

3. Have you ever hooked-up with somebody based on their proximity to your smartphone location (Tinder, GRINDR, etc)?
No, I’ve never done that.

4. You have some free-time in the workday–blow job or intercourse? (BJ can be giving or receiving).
It would depend on just how isolated I could get at work. I love to give BJs, but I would rather be bent over my desk and fucked from behind.

5. How long after having sex with a new partner do you have to wait before falling asleep?
I would say 15 minutes or so – good, hot sex always makes me tired.

Bonus: What’s the dirtiest or sexiest text message you’ve ever received?
Hmmm…the sexiest was probably just “Let’s fuck. Now.”


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One Response to TMI Tuesday: Sex On The Brain

  1. 4. A lot of us ladies want to bent over something and fucked from behind…me included!