Wicked Wednesday: Waves

Tsunami by Hokusai

Katsushika Hokusai [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When your tongue finds my clit for the first time tonight,
A wave of desire begins in my heart.
Like ripples from a stone dropped out in the pond –
Starting small, and then widening, spreading apart.

As your tongue slowly licks up and down and around,
I can feel my clit swelling and standing erect,
Like the waves that surround a lone boat out at sea,
Tossing and turning me to great effect.

When your tongue starts to lap and your motions are fast
Waves of pleasure course through me like the tide,
They are strong and they take my breath quickly away
And my passion rolls, flows side to side.

As you keep the caresses and kisses and licks
coming faster and driving me crazy,
My orgasm builds like a great strong tsunami
and my vision becomes wet and hazy.

The pressure and energy builds to a great high
And then crashes through me, and I’m drowning
In pleasure so great that I scream and cry out
As the waves give my body a pounding.

And as after a storm with the waves breaking high,
then subsiding, the rocks they caress,
I come down from my high and I’m gasping for breath,
and my love for you I can assess.

We move like the tides to the pull of the moon,
And our love never ebbs but it flows.
The waves that you cause in my heart and my life
Take me through all the highs and the lows.




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4 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Waves

  1. This is really beautiful!

    Rebel xox

  2. This is so lovely


  3. Very nice poem! And orgasms are definitely tidal, as you say!

  4. This is a lovely description of more orgasm waves . . . and I love the “our love never ebbs but it flows” !!!
    Xxx – K