Wicked Wednesday: Long Lost Friends

two hand-holding shadows

By Mike DelGaudio (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I saw a friend I used to know and hadn’t seen in years,
The last time that I saw her here my eyes were full of tears.
I wasn’t sure she’d want to see me after all this time,
But I knew that to pass her by would be a petty crime.

I stopped her at the corner, and she turned at my soft touch,
Her eyes went wide and I was worried that I’d done too much.
And then she smiled, truly smiled, both from her mouth and eyes,
I smiled back and I think she was happy and surprised.

We hugged there for a moment, our embrace was strong and tight,
I felt that all the wrongs we did would somehow turn out right.
I knew that there were things that we’d forgive but not forget,
I didn’t think I saw her anymore as a big threat.

We walked into a Starbucks and I paid for two lattes,
We found a corner table and we talked of the old days.
I think that she was nervous, and I know that I was too,
But we talked for half an hour and we never talked of you.

At last the conversation lagged, and it was time to go,
I told her that I hoped I’d see her sometime soon, although
We traded numbers smiled and hugged, and headed for the door,
I felt it was a gentle start, and maybe something more.

I wonder if we’ll call each other late some future night,
Revive the long lost friendship that was lost from hate and spite.
If time has healed the major wounds and left us with some scars,
If we can overcome, reclaim the friendship that was ours.



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2 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: Long Lost Friends

  1. I know I’ve said it before, but I really like your poetry. There’s always so much in them, not only in the words, but also between the lines.

    Rebel xox

  2. There is a real tinge of sadness to this but also a sense of hope in their meeting. I liked it very much