TMI Tuesday: May Day

Maypole in Sapporo Japan

By Daigaku2051 (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Today is couple appreciation day. What do you most appreciate about being a couple (consider current or past relationships)a
I think that there’s a conncection and a comfort level.

2. It is also Global Love Day. How can you or how will you extend love today?
By making love, of course!

3. May 1 is loyalty day as well, originally it had to do with patriotism in the United States. That meaning aside, in what ways are you loyal?
I help the people that matter to me, and stick up for them no matter what.

4. So it seems today is also Phone In Sick day. When is the last time you phoned in sick? Where you really sick? How did you spend the “sick” day?
Well, I wish I would have known that this morning! The last time I called in sick was in March. I was sick – not so sick I couldn’t probably have gone to work, but it was good to spend the entire day on the couch, wrapped in blankets, vegging out to TV and sleeping.

5. May 1, 1840 the world’s first adhesive postage stamp was issued in the United Kingdom. Who would you like to see on a postage stamp?
I would like to see Steve Jobs on a postage stamp. I think there was talk of doing it, but it never happened.

Bonus:  How was your first day of May?
It was good! It didn’t feel like May, as it was cold, but I didn’t have a day of meetings, and everything just rolled along.




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One Response to TMI Tuesday: May Day

  1. The last time I called in sick was March of 2014, haha. I was very sick unfortunately.