TMI Tuesday: Sexual Revelations

Black and white picture of a woman disrobing.

By Willis Kent Productions [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. When did you see your first naked women that was not a family member?
Hmmm…it was probably in the locker room in junior high when we had to dress out for PE.

2. When did you see your first naked man that was not a family member?
That would have been in junior high as well.

3. What were the circumstances of each situation?
For the former,  it would have been changing and taking a shower after PE class. We were required to shower, and the shower was not separate stalls, but one room with like 6 shower heads.  For the latter, it would have been the first time I had sex.

4. At what age did you first witness sexual nudity? Was it online or in print?
That was definitely in print, when I was about 8. I remember my Dad had Playboys under the mattress, and they were something else. That was also when I discovered that Playboy did, indeed, have great fiction and read my first Stephen King short story.

5. Sexual revolution–When was yours OR It hasn’t happened yet?
Hmmm…sometimes I think it was when I went off to college, and discovered the joy of sex toys.

Bonus: What’s the best sex advice or sex education book you’ve ever read? (Yes, it must be a book, could be online but a book)
That’s a tough one – I rarely read those kinds of books…but I would say that Carrie’s Story was a bit of an education to read.



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2 Responses to TMI Tuesday: Sexual Revelations

  1. I never really thought of high school locker rooms while filling this out. Then again, we weren’t required to shower luckily. I too learned the most about my sexuality in college.

  2. and the interviews! don’t forget the interviews!
    Playboy had some great interviews, back in the day…