TMI Tuesday: This Or That?

By Enrico Appetito [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Enrico Appetito [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1 – Lights on or off?
I can go either, as both are nice, but I guess I prefer lights on.

2 – Slow teasing or getting right to business?
It depends on my mood. There are times I just want it fast and hard, but most times I prefer slow teasing and lots of foreplay.

3 – Giver or receiver?
I like both – I love to give, but I also love to receive.

4 – Background noise or no?
I like background noise, whether it’s music, a tv show, or porn.

5 – Top or bottom?
Usually bottom, but sometimes top.

6 – Private or public?
Definitely private.

Bonus – Describe your best or worst sexual encounter. Double bonus if you describe both.
Hmmm…i think my best sexual encounter was an all-day affair, with lots of foreplay, and crazy hard fucking all over the house with breaks for drinks. There were a few breaks for showers, too, although those turned into fucking sessions as well. There was a bit of bondage involved as well, and lots of orgasms, and at the end of the day I was completely sated and slept like a rock.

My worst sexual encounter was in high school, and lasted all of maybe a minute. Nothing like an over-eager partner who doesn’t know what foreplay is and is done after a few strokes.


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2 responses to “TMI Tuesday: This Or That?

  1. One of my life goals is to have an all day sex session. :p

  2. I think porn (in the background) would make the perfect soundtrack for sex!
    As long as it wasn’t some shrill pornstar squealing her way through multiple fake orgasms…