TMI Tuesday: Sexy It Is!

Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

1. What question about sex do you find hard to ask your partner?
Hmmm…I don’t know if there are any that I find hard to ask…but I think they sometimes find it hard to ask me.

2. What question about sex do you find hard to ask anyone?
Anyone? Most of the people I talk about sex with I don’t have a hard time asking anything…maybe questions about fantasies, as those can be more personal than physical acts and seem to be what people want to talk about least.

3. Sexually, what are your favorite things to do?
Hmmm…I love to give blowjobs, and be fucked hard from behind, and to have screaming orgasms while my clit is licked and sucked or teased with a toy, and to kiss deeply.

4. Name 3 things that most excite your imagination when you imagine doing them?
Well, let’s see…having a threesome and being double penetrated, being fucked in the ass, and having my toes sucked.

5. In how many countries have you had sexual relations?
As of now, just one.

Bonus: Describe your ideal sex partner.
Adventurous, loving, kind and strong, unafraid to talk to me about anything, and as happy to snuggle as to have wild sex all night.



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3 Responses to TMI Tuesday: Sexy It Is!

  1. Our bonus answers are practically the same. 😉

  2. A follow up on Q4: are you excited by those because you’ve done them and want to do them again; or because the idea of them excites you? My wife, for example, reads a lot of bondage/forced submission erotica but insists it’s just fantasy stuff and she’d never want to try it IRL. She’s a firm believer in the old saying ‘some fantasies are best left as fantasies’…

    • I’ve done the 2nd and 3rd, and I like them, and want to do them again 🙂 The idea of the first one excites me…but I haven’t done it yet.